Radiant Golden Cloud Nerf

So just logged on after patch + hotfix and my cloud mount’s spacebar cool down is now 8s instead of 5s. I re read patch notes and tried to google if there was an official statement on this and can’t find anything.

Is this an error, or is this deceptive business practices by AGS. The whole reason that I bought this $40 package was for this mount for the low CD, and I bought it for a friend as well. Several other people in my clan purchased it for the same reason, so in just my small group alone there is probably over $400 worth of purchases that were just nerfed without communication.

So I come here to ask, maybe I’m bad at google and searching the forums, but does anyone know if there are official posts from the CM’s on this mount? Equally enough if any of the CM’s could give a statement on this, it would be nice.



I didn’t see an announcement but I do know from watching KR streamers this was going to happen as it happened to them as well. The mount was just too OP.


Heh. I bought the pack for the mount as well.

Kind of scummy to sell it to people with 5 sec cd… Then nerf it right after.
Should have sold the nerfed version then.


How are they going to sell it with a certain cd on release and then nerf it later… Is this going to become a thing now? Do we have to research all future mounts to see if they are nerfed in any other versions before we buy?


What. This is a bait and switch. I bought it BECAUSE it was the fastest.


They normalized a lot of the mount spacebar skills in KR. So maybe we got the change without it being in the patch notes. I.e. they nerfed the good ones and buffed the bad ones to bring them all more in line. I don’t think this will be a “regular thing”.

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My thoughts exactly. Or if the 5s was a bug / mistake should have communicated it as soon as they knew, so we the players knew not to purchase it just for the 5s CD.

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Not in the patch notes either.

I think the people who invested in hoarding them for future reselling are probably even more pissed :rofl: will still probably go up a bit in value but not nearly as much with this nerf happening


First Sasha and Ealyn… and now that…


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OP for what, exactly?

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You were warned that thread about the golden clouds was bait to get you to buy them before the patch.

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It wasn’t bait lol.

I made the thread.

I must have missed that thread. Any idea what it was titled so I can try to find it to read it please?

wait so ags warned ahead…?

Wait, I already know that the nerf will come. Because in other version they nerf it too. Some streamer also said that it will be nerf.
Didn’t expect it will come so soon though.

It’s not OP but it makes other mounts pretty redundant outside of cosmetic reasons

Ahh cool beans, misunderstood their meaning of OP then

While I’m surprised it happened so fast and agree they probably should have launched it in this state, as a general rule you shouldn’t be surprised when power advantages you paid for in a F2P game get nerfed to be in line with free offerings. That’s a good thing.

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Umm thats normal, they can nerf or buff anything they want, you agreed in their ToS. So if you dont like then you have to move on.

And the reason they nerfed it is simple, not even platinum mount which is locked behind 100$ wasnt good as that, so its well-deserved nerf. You still gonna be fast but not so often.

I have a row of these in Roster storage (among other things) for that specific reason. SMH