Radiant Golden Cloud NERFED AGAIN?

distance has now been reverted to before it was even a mount and dash is officially the distance of your on-foot space bar movement skill! That fixes everything right?

Let me know how you can sell it after you “learn”(use).

Before patch distance was slightly less than leopard mount, now it’s almost half of it, nice “nerf revert” you clowns

Why do I have a feeling AGS always secretly nerf / making changes to the game without letting the player knows and when player finds out and complain they use the same old strat its was a bug, it was not intended

Also while Im talking about hidden changes / nerfs please tell me this is also a 1 of the bug and not intended AGS.


a win in coop pvp gives 204 coin but a lose gives 8 coin


Ohh dear DeVs nerfs on a thing bought for real money cant have place … its just lie and or revert nerf or give money back.

Alright, I’ve received my clarification. The shorter dash IS part of the reversion and should already be updated.

Terrible news, but we already knew this.

I’m not mad about the mount anymore, i’m sad though, i thought i found a good game with honest devs i could support.

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Can we get a refund for Royal Crystals then? Since Smilegate advertised us one product and then sold us a different one?

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Reversion means literally “to return to a previous state”.
The previous state was that the dash has a 5 seconds cooldown. The previous state was NOT that the dash was short.

Clearly mistakes were made.

Well, its confirmed. Don’t buy cash shop stuff in this game. Not worth it since they’ll just change it later.

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I’m done, there’s no telling when they’ll pull something like this again, cant trust them anymore, and keep the money I dont need a refund, I’m going back to PoE, they respect my money over there.

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I understand that for all parties involved that English may not be their first language, but it is important to be honest about what you are doing. In this case the company has decided to nerf the cloud, by reducing the distance of the dash.

This is in no way is a reversion. Using deceptive language to attempt to placate the customer base is filthy.

Patch notes to need to be honest and state we have nerfed the cloud, so that all paying customers can see what the company’s actions will be going forward.

Do not hide from the light of day. Be honest with your changes. Be proud that you are doing a bait and switch with products you are selling your customers.

This way if your customers decide to continue to purchase it is on them. If you lie and deceive and hide your practices, then each and every dirty, filthy, despicable thing this company does will drive more customers away. People will be justified in coming on here and lambasting your business practices.

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Lets face it, everybody knew AGS was gonna mess this up, New World was no accident. Just a second rate dev team.

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Yeah I would rather they remove the mount from my account and refund the RC, this is straight up bullshit bait and switch.

Amazon doesn’t develop the game… How people still don’t understand this yet is frankly mind boggling. They are responsible for the communication of Smilegate’s changes however.

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It’s probably a good thing to normalize mount speeds so people can just use whatever skin they prefer.

The issue is with the cloud it feels like a bait and switch because it was sold to people for real money then immediately nerfed.


Refund our mounts then, I bought it for the long dash and this is not delivered as promised.

Absolute scum move, take responsibility.


Don’t use it lol

So just to make sure I’m clear about everything…

  1. Radian Golden Cloud was released as a cash-shop only item with a 6 second cooldown and a long dash.
  2. Without any warning or communication, the cooldown was increased to 8 seconds but kept the same dash.
  3. Due to player concerns, the cooldown change was reverted.
  4. Without any warning or communication, the dash length was shortened.
  5. This is confirmed to be working as intended?

If the above is all true and correct, I’m never buying another cash shop mount again. This is horrible business practice to alter the product of something players have already purchased. Refund the purchases or revert the changes.


the dash is now half of what it was so it’s effectively worse than long dash on 8s cooldown - you now need 12s to get the same dash distance, meaning their first change was a slap and the second change was the backhand second slap