Radio silence on the backlash?

xmas break prob not gonna hear anything until after this week or after new years

Then maybe they shouldn’t drop shitty news like that right before going on Holidays


well but thats the plan so when they back people would be calm

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Yes. They won’t bother to respond, just as they have not responded to the SH issue. If you expect anything from this company, you may need to rethink your thought process.

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oh they 100% knew what they were doing


We received the roadmap before the holidays. In return, however, they released it and left for holidays.

On the other hand, they made a right move on their side. So they don’t have to think about responding to the whole mess that has arisen.
They will think that at the end of the holidays spirits have calmed down.

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The staff deserve Holidays like any human. Not there fault someone made a shitty decision. Let them enjoy Christmas and all that jazz. When there back I am sure there will be no limit to the complaints and rage against them

Yeah, probably LOL

Would you stay near the house you purposely set on fire ? Nop
They waited a few days before christmas to drop the bomb and leave hoping the players will cool down a week and a half later

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There are many people happy with the decision. Why would they change it for a handful of complainers here? Many people are good with a slow down in content.

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I think people come back more pissed off than before. Christmas spirit won’t help :rofl:

Its xmas and new years holiday good luck getting anything. Its just like Thanksgiving. We forum andies will just fester and become a weird paste of degenerate soup.

You don’t even know what you are talking about, people are not asking for Brel HM sooner or shit like that, they want the classes FASTER


Its not that big of a deal. None of this is going to have a real impact on your life. No reason to take it so personally. You will be alright if a video game character comes out a month or 2 later, lol.

Bro I don’t care about Artist or Aerocrap, I told you that you’re wrong and you sort of admit it by typing something so stupid, that’s it take the L


What does that even mean,lol? Its just a game. Again, it doesnt matter if a character comes out a month or 2 later. Literally doesnt matter one bit.

Says the guy who just posted a giant word salad with 1 period, :laughing: :rofl: :joy:. You seem to be taking this wayyy too personally. Sorry you cant treat a game like a game. Maybe one day you will grow up a little. Take care. You can have the last word, there is no point trying to talk to someone so emotional over something so insignificant not to mention fails at writing simple sentences.

You’re just stupid. Look at the polls and what the playerbase is saying, around a good 80% of players are not happy with the roadmap

You don’t need it, you just want it. They did us a favor by releasing two class (reaper/summoner) within the short time period when it should’ve been 2 months gap in between. Just cause AGS released two class before their time doesn’t mean Artist should too.

Where is the polls? 80%? Stop spreading a false forum statistics number that has only a small percentage of westerners population. This forum also includes other regions as well.