Radio silence on the backlash?

You don’t need it, you just want it. They did us a favor by releasing two class (reaper/summoner) within the short time period when it should’ve been 2 months gap in between. Just cause AGS released two class before their time doesn’t mean Artist should too.

Where is the polls? 80%? Stop spreading a false forum statistics number that has only a small percentage of westerners population. This forum also includes other regions as well.

This will be what they are hoping when they come back from the christmas break.

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Look at yourself before you preach

lmao linking other forums like reddit and twiiter with 20 followers, you are joke, these stranger’s polls are a joke. Where is the real poll from AGS itself? .

In case you don’t know AGS disappears until the 2nd week of January every year.

With 20 followers? But hundreds of votes on twitter and thousands on reddit XD youre so pathetic

?? any proof? no? oke.

a small % are in Forum. And many people dont care about Chatting Forum.

Many People just play and dont QQ.

4 Months until Brell HM got it! Its oke. enough time to Prepare.

4 Months Until Artist. Oke deal with it. Enough time to Prepare.

Censorship? Since we dont know what exactly gona change on AYAYA skins. Overdrama for nothing.

Rowen is no Content? Be happy it release bevor Brell HM & Artist.

Rowen have a lot of homework u guys gona cry anyways then it release.

Full Brell Relic

If u manage to clear on week 1 all gates and without bid chest u gain 44 each week. U need 40 per Armor.

With first time reward u get 30 +44 = 74 so u craft your first piece 1/6 but u need 300 so your missing 226. If i say if cuz not many people clear Brell weekly atleast 5,13 weeks to get Full Relic.

So i assume the average player that dont get g5/6 and without BID Chest 6-10 Weeks.

So 4 Months is oke time.

And artist release it was statet by Roxx on Stoopz interview there gona slow down anyways. The " 2month periode " was only for classes that we have all now.

There are not for the newest like Specialist. Deal with it. I want my AYAYA too as my Roster Char but cant be helpfed.

The CMs are on Holyday and i wish u guys a Merry Xmas! <3

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Dude people have families and lives…give them a break man.

:rofl: with a community over 300k lost ark player base, 3k in reddit toll and almost 300 hundred in twitter. Not even a fraction of the population, .001%??? lmao what a joke

Bruh, go out touch some grass and spend your holidays with the family. Imagine being mad that a class is not getting released when you want to.

other than the artist release the roadmap was fine.

I mean the few forum goers that are rabbling about the change are the minority. Probably MOST of us already knew Artist would come out in Late Mar/Early Apr BACK when they announced the roadmap. Summoner wasn’t even supposed to be out to end of Jan so her coming early was a surprise. Plus they evey stated that the 2mo cadence ONLY applied to 2022.

And sorry to burst peoples bubble but even if artist was released in Feb, ONLY the mega whales would even get her up to bralshaza hard mode in time. Only way it happens more for the masses is if they GAVE an express pass with full 6pc relic gear, otherwise the time contraints that it takes to upgrade to relic and into the bralshza relic limits the max gear level one can reach. You would have to get some +25’s (and spend the millions it takes to get there) to get to bralshaza HM ready along with taking the few peices of the bralshaza sets to +20 which is easily in the millions range right now too.

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I think they will address it in the same way they addressed the Shadowhunter transformation.



300k? babes, its mostly bots idk what game you’ve been playing but its definitely below 300k

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