Rage Honing sets a terrible example which loses playerbase

Simply as the title says.

Lets use gems as an example.

Its like seeing someone try to buy full lvl 10 T3 gems in LA currently, its such a stupid idea as you get gems every day which build up over time, your not meant to get full lvl 10 gems in two weeks. Prices are dropping in the AH daily, and maxing out your gems is complete and utter overkill for content required, its the same as pushing IP over 1400 currently, there is no reason except to show off.

Now replace gems with honing, your going to rush your honing to 1400 for example and have the same complains as you did at 1340, your just doing the same content for weeks on end. 1400 gives you acess to all the content in the game, but so what? At 1302 you had acess to almost all the content in the game aswell, when you hit 1340 did you have some kind of revelation that the content is so much different?

Just do your dailies and hone with what you get, you do not need to be buying mats off the market if your not grinding out gold, by only focusing honing your character is going to be build like a paper plane, sure you can do most things but once some actual difficult content comes out it will crumple.

You dont need to be playing alts for 8 hours a day.

You dont need to be swiping for mats.

Streamers, Youtubers make people feel like honing is the end all be all by constantly showing off progress through rage honing. Honing is your entry level into content, people click on videos and streams of people rage honing, its gets clicks so content creators keep doing it, your dailies and weeklies alone are enough to hit 1370 currently and if your not there you wont be far behind unless you are focusing elsewhere such as adventure tome.

Argos isnt going anywhere, hard Abyss dungeons are not doing anywhere, Yoho and whatever the last guardians name is, also isnt going anywhere, by rushing you experience this content quicker thats all, lets say it takes five weeks for a F2P to hit 1370 or 1385, once you hit the IP your just gonna say “Is that it?” when you do the 1370 content.

You can choose to rush through a limited amount of content or play at your own pace and enjoy the game. This game is not P2W, you can put in the hours and effort and get the exact same gear as the average spender (Not counting a whale spending thousands of dollars, this is a whale not your average spender) If you want to hit 1370, 1385 or 1400. If a whale spends thousands of dollars on min maxing accessories and getting their weapon to +1490 they are just wasting money for no reason and your not about to be killed by them during your chaos dungeon and lose all your gear like in Albion Online for example.

Yes there are benefits to hitting 1370. However seeing someone run around with a 1430 gearscore, what are they gonna do with it, there is no content at that Ilevel out yet.

Honing is seen as the end all be all for some reason when its only one type of character progression. Honing is a marathon not a sprint, and sadly most of the playerbase thinks that the only thing in lost ark is sprinting for IP.

You can rush your honing to 1400 IP and do argos phase 3 and guess what? You dont get anything special compared to 1370 Phase 1 argos, just more of the crafting materials, between hard mode abyss and argos you can craft a full set of gear in 1-2 weeks and slowly work on getting your full argos set by doing phase 1 each week.

Lets say you do rush 1400IP to do argos phase 3 while ignoring your other progression and use party finder, guess what? You wont be accepted.

Sure you meet IP requirements but your gear would be terrible, if you just hone by doing your dailies you build up your gems, your tripods and your engravings.

Your getting stats from Card sets, card pokedex, roster level, tripods, gems, runes, stat potions from rapport / tower.

You also have your engravings, 3/3/3 is enough for all current content including argos, 3/3 is plenty for hard mode abyss dungeons however 3/3/2 or 3/3/3 is quite easy to hit at this state in the game for well under 10-15k gold.

You can spend money on crystals for gold and mats but its nothing but a waste of money, just invest the time early and profit off the whales who are spending thousands on the game.

By spending enough time efficiently and using alts, and pushing IP you can hit 1400 by now F2P, people have done it, not many but they have. Once you hit 1375 is is very easy to hit 1385 with the high honing rates.

This game rewards effort, if you put in the effort and hours you will keep up in content. I don’t consider a game like this P2W. Sure you CAN spend money on the game but so what? You will just hit 1400 a few weeks earlier by spending $1000 and run out of endgame content.

Lost Ark has currency exchange so you can obtain blue crystals in the shop as a F2P, this means you can buy leapstones off mari shop each day for very cheap prices, you can also buy battle items chests to save time if you dont like gathering for example.

I consider a game P2W when your locket out of content altogether unless you spend significant money and can never catch up F2P no matter how much time and effort you put into the game, wether this be by paywalls or abysmal resource sources, lets say you can only get 50 greater leapstones per week through doing abyssal dungeons or spending money and 1340 gear is impossible to obtain without saving ingame resources for years or by spending money, there are no other ways to obtain them outside events, people would just quit the game and Leave, these are P2W mobile games which people DO play and people compare Lost Ark to.


I watched my guild build up several players over 1100-1390+ in the first week. However I fail every single honing 5-10x over before its successful. Call it bad RNG but when I’m watching friends complete 10% orless honing without a problem all the time and I can’t complete 50% or better with ALL bonus mats on it’s impossible to feel interested. My RNG put me over 6months of playing the game at 10+ hrs a day with alts behind. I get it this is supposed to last years but for the casual player who wants to play with his friends its impossible when RNG has ruined catching up. I’ve put over 200+ hours in and feel like I wasted all my time.

The game is a race to raise your Item Level to beat a boss raid which is the only place where you can find the gear to raise your item level.

Ironically, your item level is only relevant in that boss raid.

95% of the game, you don’t need your item level. (pvp equalized, most islands nerf your stats or equalize them. Other contents can be done with dispatches or are easy enough so you don’t need your item level).

Game without Design at its finest.

PS: What is mostly amazing is that Korean players never even pointed these design flaws. But with all the mobile gachas on their schedule, you can’t blame them. Its not like Korean games shine with their excellent game designs.

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That’s why in KR they call it pay to lose. Because you’re throwing money away that all the F2P players will get with a bit more time. But honestly this post is pretty silly because ppl like to flex, whether IRL or in a video game. Also the “rage honing” you see is mostly just for content lol. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Zeals even did a video about it.

Theyre not flaws though, youre describing something completely subjective to a player. These types of games and their models are more popular to KR players. They would rather play games with these repeatable game models that feel comfortable to them.

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Korean Players are just used to these shitty practices, while throwing some money here and there at their PC Bangs.

I mean, most people defending Lost Ark literally talk about it like it’s being a job.

“Oh, you just need to play 16 hours per day, npnp”.
“Oh, you have to grind harder!”
“Oh, you need to read more guides and take classes in LA Economy”.
“Oh, you have to play 24 characters, since the game is designed around it!”.

I very rarely see any of them saying anything that sounds like they are truly enjoying the game!

It is just an endless circle-jerk of defending one’s addiction, while pretending to become a Lost Ark Pro-Gamer or something like that, being proud of playing 400-600 hours per week.

The Predatory Design of this game, paired with its addictiveness praying on weak and exposed minds, is literally a masterpiece of psychological exploitation!


So well said.

The game is a list of chores. Go to that island at that hour, kill boss, try RNG, bring this, talk to that NPC, now talk with emote, now talk again, now to there, go here, kill raid boss, craft these very specific items, hone them.

I mean, WDF? Where is the challenge to player wits? Creativity? Where is the sense of adventure?

It’s more of an Asian thing. The stereotype is so true.


Korean MMOs are always straight focused on the grind.

There is very little beside it, usually.

It is mostly like a glorified Casino with some “game” attached to it, to make it feel more interactive. Overall, it all comes down to pull that glorified slot-machines, like Honing.

I think there aren’t even any proper and successful games coming from South Korea. It is all about those Mobile and F2P Games.

Yet still, League of Legends is by far the most played one over there.

So almost all of your posts are hating on LA, so why are you here?

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Same with you btw. All of your posts just hate on the game. Why be on the forums? Your lives really that boring and sad. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and just non-stop hating. You are in the latter

No one is saying that, stop being extreme.
You can progress just fine playing 1-2 hours of game play if thats all you have. Doing chaos dungeon and guardian raid does not take alot of time to complete. Completely weekly dungeons and raids on a day you can afford to play abit more. But really if you just make use of the vendors and do your daily tasks, you arent that far behind.

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Creativity doesnt sell in KR.

That feeling when someone watches the take of a streamer and writes an essay echoing their thoughts like its their own.

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Here I explain it perfectly. Enjoy the read.

I already read it. That’s why I made the comment. You bring nothing to these discussions. Your main goal in life right now is to hate on LA and hope it goes under, cool. You can think that, but why waste time on the forums when most ppl just want want to see the game in a better state? You got too much time on your hands. Play something else you enjoy, like LoL.

this game is designed to make you want to pay money

The question you should ask is this:

Why is this guy so busy reading the Forums instead of actually playing Lost Ark?

That’s what I would wonder. That’s a way more interesting question than “huhhh, if u hate the game so much why u are here! huuuh!”…

I don’t think that’s the case. I think there are things that can help you do that, but they don’t throw them in your face like a really predatory mobile game does. You have to go through several menus and know what you’re doing to find out how to purchase in game gold. It’s obviously P2W, but I think it’s no worse than any other games out there with this element. It’s honestly a pretty viable F2P game or maybe you spend like $20 to give yourself a boost, but the amount of money needed to actually make huge strides in terms of ilvl makes it unviable by most ppl that aren’t truly whales.

I’m reading the forums because I’m bored, waiting on a haircut right now if you must know. Now what’s your reason? Instead of deflecting own up to your hatred and be gone. This whataboutism is an old and tired strat that won’t work on me buddy

Oh I’ve already stopped playing. It just takes time to accept that a game u waited for 6 years turned out to be such a flop.

I expected an ARPG. All the trailers were showing that. The game turned out to be a mobile gacha with raids.