Rage over Honing? Lets talk

so i think, all people complaining over Honing did not really get in Endgame or really into get your Class powerful.
You know what i think is more Painful than Honning, Gem Re role or Skill Tree Transfer / tri pods idk how you wanna call. it

First Skill Tree, its much better to upgrade you Power from you char than a lvl 19+ to a lvl 20+ weapon, a skill transfer from lvl 1 and add a lvl3 to make lvl 4 can give you up to 200% of dmg, shielding etc. But the problem with this is, it cost a lot of silver and you have 15% chance to transfer the skill and if its not succeeded you destroy the item. And there is no Artisan energy.

Gem Re Role. A LvL 7 Gem to re role for you skill cost 90k Silver, per role, and you have a 1/34 chance to get your role. But you think hey i got it, now i upgrade my gem from 7 to 8. Well guess what the upgrade re rolls. And it cost even more now.

What brings it: I can tell you from lvl 6 gems, 18% more dmg or 12% more coldown on your spell.

What i want to say with this post, stop this gs madness, a person with 1400 can be much more useful to Argos etc. with right stuff as a person who is 1430 and think he is good. Get your view of stats in this game right.

And pls BUY more Skill Tree gear. im all good right now and i want to sell, but even for 100 gold they often get not bought :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference is, you can have t2 gems (or none at all) and still enter the current thing

Clearly doesn’t play as a support class then. Change this to 2-4k for even the most useful skill tree buffs and then continue to explain how various players are still playing the game wrong simply based on their main class.

Wait i dont get it, im main bard, but for bard it even better, a good support can rescue the hole run. With bard if you have high gs you dont to so much more shield, but with higher Sill Tree 150% more. Thats make even more sense there that people stop looking to gs.

why do people complain about tripods? just buy off auction house, save to library, copy from library, and then resell the gear how is it so hard?

This requires gigabrain

That works in the beginning but not at the end, if you have 1 slot left on your gear, and if you save the old or the new one you will lose the 1 new or the 2 old, if you rly want for every skill every tripod you need soner or later transer, or you are super lucky and get lvl 3 *3 on every slot for the right skills you need.

If im wrong tell me pls


just do it again? how is it so hard?

Okey, I have for example a helmet with 3, 3, 1 and the other gear is perfect.
If i buy in the ah the missing 3 i cant just save it and copy paste it. if the ah is 3, 1, 1 and i past the ah on my helmet i lose on my helmet 3, 3, 1 and stay with 3, 1, 1. So i need to transfer this skill.

If the save and copy to gear dont work like this pls tell my how. And what i did wrong

so just buy the 3,3,3 gear on AH and then resell it? if it’s not there then just wait? why do you need max tripods at this point anyway when most groups just steamroll over any released content with random gear?

Right now yes, later dont, why dont teach right from the beginning?

ah okey, if it thats easy you must have it?

like i said it’s completely unnecessary at this point until you reach around 1430/1445 where having some tripods on like 2-3 of your most important skills is necessary but even then you don’t even need max, so why would i do it?

if you want max tripods right now by all means go play the RNG game but right now it’s simply a luxury not a need.

FYI: it’s “roll”, not “role”.

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Gonna stop you right there. Don’t waste silver rerolling the gem. Sell the gem and buy a new one. People are flipping gems so frequently that the price for them all typically stay low.

Honestly OP, you aint lying about the Skill tree tripod transfer.

people complaining about Honing but skille tree tripod transfer rng feels like THE WORST.

30% feels like 1%


Oh okey, thx, thats nice to know, do people right now buy gems at a frecent pace? Sell at lvl 7 is better?

Typically 1-6 sell quickly. Double check for your desired skill before selling your level 7.