Raid difficulty

I will be Lost Ark new player, i watched and follow famous streamer Asmongold and on one of his video he shows Lost Ark raid boss (the one with the black hole cube space) the boss mechanic looks so complicated and people said there are so many mechanic that can 1 shot wipe the group.
Is the raid in Lost Ark will be very difficult compare with Mythic raid in WoW? (I used to raid in WoW so this will be my comparison)
Is it only for hardcore players or casual can have a shot for raid?

Some raids and PvE bosses are easier and some are harder or VERY hard. Not every boss/content will be cleared by an average player, same as in WoW or FFXIV where a very small majority clear entire relevant mythic, savage or Ultimate content.

There will be plenty of content for every player but not every content will be cleared by everyone.

It’s pretty much WoW Mythic raid-lite.

Like that Abrel is practically a mix of several mythic raid abilities from WoW, if you consistently got CE every tier - there is nothing you haven’t seen/done already.

It’s going to be good, but it will take a year to get there.

Last boss released always have more and more mechanics. Plus most of them have enrage, so it’s not like you can take your time.
If you plan to go yolo on these boss with the minimum equipment, no voice and with the matchmaking, you will likely fail. It requires almost perfect coordination between members for very long fights.
But like @Gaidax said, it is not something we didn’t see yet. Also we ll have an advantage as we’ll know all the strats without having to spend time in testing.