Raid gardien, Toxic player

This game has more and more toxic player. If you do not do something in raid gardien like they want they kick you. If people are toxic, i go out. Do not want to play with idiot. But we have a penalty. How long is it ? Why they’re is a penalty if we go out ?

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Just throw the damn bomb


you are like one. If you want to force others to play like you want then do not click on search party but find a group and tell your conditions !

if you dont want to use battle items dont do kunge and go back to deskaluda, ez fix,no toxic ppl etc.


Tryhards that impose rules in MM also get kicked.

Today we (as i matchmake with 3 friends to avoid idiots like these) kicked a guy that warned one of us for not using corro.

Of course we waited until the reward collection to do it.

See? It goes both ways.


FYI i launched flare, i always do it

Always when I see these posts I am like oh shit they caught me.


Something u just have to live with. You either throw to help out the team or not throw and risk people majority kick you. There is only one rule in MM, Majority rules.

You should be banned for doing that.


why? cus they reversed, what others do to ppl who dont use battle items?

i have been in a MM and got kicked for saying P2.
it all depends on who is your matchies, when doing MM

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If they try to warn/kick you for not using an item then screen shot it and put in a ticket they will get a ban for abuse of the system. People can’t force others to play how they want in MM that’s what party finder is for.

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So should the others who do it the other way arround. Majority decides, wasn’t it the excuse?

I think you do not read the posts correctly ! I always use nades to help.

oh i only read the first post not your third post about flare. Sure, maybe they are griefing who knows?

Anyone that does that toxic shit and denies people there rewards should be banned. Doesn’t matter the reason. If your going to kick someone do it before the rewards drop. Doing that is just pathetic

Just to be clear I do use battle items, even in match making. My issue here is not with kicking someone, that’s in the game for a reason. But kicking someone in that fashion is just sad…

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Lol this is great. If you want the vote-kick system, it does indeed go both ways. As it is you can kick for any reason or no reason. There are no bans for using an in game system.

If you watch all the threads and screenshots here, the battle item brigade is doing the same thing. We said it’s toxic, bannable, noone cared.

OYea? Time for a taste of their own medicine.

I’m not saying other don’t deserve to be banned for it too. But you also fall into that area. Anyone that does that should be banned. Including you. The fact that others do it doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to do it too.

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Sure but if this is what it takes to raise awareness, then so be it.

This not the way to raise awareness, this is jumping on the band wagon. Raise awareness by taking names and reporting the people. Even name and shame them in the forums/redit. Don’t be the same as people like that.

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