Raid gardien, Toxic player

I know, we did that they laughed in our face saying the majority decides and stick some random CM post about how it’s fair.

report does nothing tho, witch hunt is not allowed, amazon doesnt care cause its majority vote
we are way past the raise awareness phase

It still doesn’t justify anyone doing this. Report them, if enough people report then they get reprimanded. Doing the same thing cause you think it’s fair game just makes you as bad as the people that do it. No matter what way you try to spin it, it’s not right and it shouldn’t be done.

Saying that there should be a system in place in game to prevent this from happening. But we all know that’s never going to happen.

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sure but whats better, instant punishment or waiting for dad to get the belt and maybe its not even gonna happen? i d say instant is better cause atleast u know

Then your as toxic as everyone else that does this.

thats just how the world works tbh majority adapts minority gets trampled

I’m pretty sure it’s the minority that does this, But that’s just a guess cause I don’t have the data.

dunno my guardians usually go smoothly so idk how problematic this thing is, i can just guess
im also using mm all the time
i dont rly care if items are being used or not

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I’m pretty much the same. I use mine regardless

nowadays the issue is that no1 calls numbers anymore so we throw like 3 phero lol

like i can only talk from my experince, i dont mind using flare or phero in a kunga, corrosive is not needed imo, and if any decide not to use battle item guess what its fine whit me, i dont use warn unless someone is standing afk in spawn for more than 2-3min and dont replay in chat,
but warning and kicking for not using battle item, is childish i would say,

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I agree with that too.

This just shows that you don’t want to participate in a group activity. Do your guardian alone if you don’t want to use battle items. I am not someone that would try to kick people, but if people don’t participate I would write something like: ‚thanks for nothing‘. It’s just bad mannered and bad manners receive a quotation from me. Well deserved

if you have extreme views about team play like consumables one way or the other, you will have a better time in party finder imo. but in this scenario I think the player refusing to get on the same page with their team is the one being toxic

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We have several pages here.

One is not throwing
One is not throwing in the order the three want
One is not throwing the exact item the three want.

Order and item vary by mood.

Still not toxic?

It goes both ways tbf. If everyone else is using then you should too. Also the items are free anyway. I haven’t paid for battle items yet. SO cheeping out is toxic too.

That’s what I hate about these posts. Someone is but hurt because they are being toxic by not contributing and that breaths toxicity from others, cause fight fire with fire.

Just throw the damn bomb, it costs you nothing.

My original statement is about kicking people before they can collect rewards. That is by far the most pathetic thing someone can do, regardless of the scenario

Ok, that case is settled.

What about the other where the majority can practically make you their bitch however they want, choosing what and how you play, else they kick you at the start?

I’m not agree. Party finder are random, you have to accept the way it can be. If you force someone to play like you want then go in a group. Or throw nades yourself !

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ya both ways=extreme views one way or the other.