Raid Party Finder Removal

We need party finder removed from NA. Everyone should only be able to use matchmaking to join a raid.

The gatekeeping for raids is ruining our community and has gotten out of hand. If you want to play with a friend, they can they group up with you and join matchmaking.

Or u try to search for mates and Build a Static or join a Guild for a Static?

buy some hands or friends

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Make a static. Join a guild. Make your own lobby. There are other options. I do agree that some people tend to have very unrealistic gatekeeping standards but reasonable amount of gatekeeping is still needed. There’s a reason why most people prefer party finder for things like legion raids.

Also if everything is MM only, hope you are prepared to get matched with bots a lot since PF gatekeeping is the only thing keeping them out of end game raids at the moment.

The gatekeeping is pretty bad, but there is no shot people would put up with MM to do most content.

Looks like you’ve just proved PF works as intended.

Your “solution” would just mean people will “LFM…” in chat and look for people to group up that way and gatekeep even more :stuck_out_tongue:


Find a like minded guild :slightly_smiling_face: best solution.

That would just increase the toxicity in this game.

The irony of these reverse gatekeeping posts is just hilarious.

As long as it’s understandable „high“ of the requirements it’s good. But something like 180+ roster 5x3 engraving for Vykas hard (and yes I saw that already) is just wrong at all.

Except my Berserker (1425) I don’t have problems to get in any Legion Raid groups. I am only 120 roster.

As the others said you always can just do your own party. But don’t expect anyone join it if you are only 2x3 engravings or something like that.

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