Raising knowledge transfer awareness

As a future Destroyer main it was really disheartening when I learned recently that I had maxed out my Vern knowledge transfers (9/9), and with Destroyers release right around the corner it all hit me that if I wish to play the class that got me interested in the game I have to re-level him from level 1?!? That experience sounds awful again. Mind you this mistake is my fault HOWEVER there are many things that if were in place would have changed many decisions I myself made and other people with the same issue:

  1. When you use your final 9/9 transfer give as a warning message or something that is very clear “You will no longer be able to knowledge transfer are you sure”. The little 9/9 tracker is very subtle.
  2. Upon Glaiver’s release there was no communications in regards to anything with Destroyer. I would have loved if anything was hinted at having to pick between one or the other because I would have used my power pass and Express event totally different.

I know that I am not the only one with this problem as I have found multiple threads here and there and I tried to contact AGS but they said nothing can or will be done and I just merely want to raise awareness so others dont make the same mistake. Hopefully yall dont have to re-level a character from scratch like us, I honestly dont think I will make a destroyer at this point… probably wait months til the next pass.


I think you should’ve been paying more attention when you skiped all 9 characters


Every level of transfer states you only have 9 to use, and you have 8 hours to take in the transfer screen info after you apply it once, I also am waiting on Summoner and I am more then happy to level up my class from level 1 imo that is going to give me everything I’ve been waiting for from release. I dont want to just SKIP EVERYTHING i want to enjoy the game again on my MAIN. so honestly i think you were really anxious skipping all 9 characters, to not even pay attention to the limit

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Indeed, as I already admitted it was my mistake. Note that I am trying to raise awareness and not complain. It is what it is. I knew the system in place I just didn’t keep good tracking obviously.

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Hi! :slight_smile:

This issue was raised in other topics about the Destroyer and the lack of communication regarding the Feiton Powerpass.

I’m not sure if AGS will adress this issue but many players reacted after the message Roxx (Community Manager) sent on the misscommunication.

I hope they will see your message and try to explain what you can do to play Destroyer in your case :wink:

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I wasn’t trying to flame either I wholeheartedly think it should be 18 transfers available cause there like 22 classes

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That is a great point! I also agree with AGS’s point of not releasing a power pass with each character due to NA’s accelerated character catch up to other regions. Especially with the bots, too many passes at this point could be a negative. But yes absolutely having more transfers is ideal and 9 is a silly number in my OPINION. Hopefully they increase the number in the future.

I also used my last KT for Glavier, didnt pay attention. Now Im leveling my destroyer from 10-50 and then use Express Event on him. At least I’ll get a Solas Card kek

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its 100% your fault, thread is invalid.

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Thanks for the reply! Raising awareness so others do not make the mistake is invalid. And the large amount of people who weren’t “aware” that made the same mistake are also invalid. Good comment @Schmurder

these people that werent aware CHOSE to not be aware. by now we know this game have systems that punish you for not reading.

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imagine making the same mistake 9 Times of knowledge transfering alts you dont want to play when OP KNOWS he wants to play destroyer,thats simpleton behavior

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STFU man. Ppl make mistakes and he’s not whining and crying, demanding anything. He’s just trying to have a conversation about how to improve systems going forward. Your comments aren’t helpful and are troll af

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im 100% no troll just really fed up with these posts about peoples mistakes they project on the devs/amazon. just read. think.

brb making the same mistake 9 times not learning anything OH hold up i really wanna play scouter OOPS

He’s not demanding anything. He’s trying to make the game better by having a warning in place for final KT. There’s absolutely no negative to doing this. So STFU, you bring nothing to this topic with your mindset

so the 1/9 all the way to 9/9 is not enough? get real

No it isn’t. Get over yourself

The game is korean, they do EVERYTHING not to “mislead” you, for example when claiming stuff, they always ask you like 3 times

They do not