Ran 2x iLVL 1100 Punika Chaos Dungeons, missing piece of armor

Got everything except helmet in both runs. A full set is supposed to be guaranteed.

Locked out of any 1302 content until I can get a helmet to drop.

Region: NA East

Server: Regulus

In-game name: Snailic

Class: Berserker

Time: Around 5:00 AM CST

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I’ve also ran 2x 1100 Dungeons this morning and did not get the weapon from either runs. Really frustrating that I’m basically locked out of progression because there’s no other way to get these pieces of gear.

Region: NA East

Server: Azena

In-Game name: Acehilm

Class: Beserker

Time: 8-830 AM EST

You are not guaranteed to get full item set in 2 nor 4 runs. Its pure RNG if you got it to drop. It worked for me on Russia in the same way, it’s working how it si supposed to.


Can you link where you heard you are supposed to be guaranteed a full set? Because that’s definitely not the case. Gear drops are all RNG.

They all RNG try again huh?