Random chance of game actually starting

Since the mini patch before the last patch on the 12th, starting the game has been hit or miss, either it doesn’t start fully and you hear the thunder and possibly the menu music, or you hit the server select and it will close when selecting to enter the server.

It is very very annoying, other times it is fine and goes right into the game, albeit some intense lag for 1 minute before the game is normal again.

I have tried various things, and it is totally random, so no idea why this always happens and again before the patches it was absolutely fine no problems.

After 1hr of trying I finally got in, as you can imagine this is frustrating, very much so, I still believe it is EAC at work.

Today started up fine, but just went to try to login, closed at server select screen, restarted game crashed on character select, now it just won’t start fully at all same minimized with music/sounds going.

I am pretty sure with everything I have checked the last 2 days that EAC is the culprit. It is the only thing that makes sense on why this is so random.

EDIT: Restarted PC, goto server select again and crash, and yet again any retries the game isn’t maximized nor can be maximized.

I am starting to get fed up with this now.

Hello there @therealdabhand,

I’m sorry to hear that you are all having issues with launching the game, I understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to play. Thank you for sharing your detail report of the situation, I can see that some of you have done some troubleshooting already but please check out our resources for this issue here:

I see that you suspect EAC might be causing the issue so I will also share our troubleshooting regarding that issue:

If the issue persist please contact our support team so we can investigate it further and feel free to link this post for more information to our support team:

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


It’s definitely EAC, by closing EAC before LA loads it works fine no problems. Although it did crash on the narration choice screen like many others have had at times. (why we get this choice multiple times a month I don’t know).

I have a similar issue today. I can’t make LA start after today’s patch. What was this patch about? While it is loading EAC, it crashes right before it opens the game.

Now I am getting the damn Narration screen thing constantly with server authentication error.

Absolute joke, put money into game, get stupid problems that nobody gives a damn about fixing, what’s the point of having this forum section if nobody is here to actually help, only signposters :\

After a couple of days of not a problem, it has once again started up with the game constantly minimized and unable to maximize any way.

This is seriously really annoying me.