Random Chaos dung loot

I know loot in Chaos Dungs is random, but how bad can it be?
This is my first Chaos today


I know it’s not a bug etc, since amount of stones and leapstones is (kinda) right.
But seriously, one accessory and one armor piece?

I feel like i’ve wasted my daily entry

def low on overall items but the 17 leaps WELL makes up for it in my opinion. Im lucky to get 6 from my two 1415 dungeons. I personally feel they nerfed shit. Like i spent 8 hours doing Inf chaos dungeons for extra leaps lastnight, got 3.

On the bright side, at least you didn’t dc for the 4th day in a row XD just lost another daily not even at the boss yet lol.

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I feel like inf dungs are only for bots and macro users. Farming those shards to exchange for items is not worth the time at all.
Especially when you pay more and more after every exchange.

or f2p that are broke day to day after a few hones. Some nights when i go for 8-10 hours i can get upwards to 20 leap stones and about 60 graces depending on my luck on gold/boss rooms. Thats a good 5k gold save. let alone the gold given to me selling shards or using the prots for high level gear.

Lately like i said though its been rough on drops lately. lucky to see 10 in 8-10 hours now XD but 20 use to be every night ez pz, And you average about 1.5k-2k guardian stone and 500-700 destro’s depending on luck again.

Kinda right? 17 Great Leapstones from a single run is mad high. Can I have your RNG?

So j got the highest and best run i ever saw in my life and u complain ??17 leapstones??? Is that even possible? I get 9 max!! For two runs max

Wtf 17 stones?

You just had a jackpot, I get like 4

I’ve never really counted amount of leapstones from chaos dungeons, now that i think about it 17 really is a high number.
So my guess is something f. up cutting my loot on items, but boosted leaps instead?
Can’t find other explanation, since my 2nd run was totally nmormal with 5* (missclicked 8) leapstones and 5 armor pieces 3 accessories.

Leapstones likely share a loot table with other stuff. If you get a stone you miss out on an accessory or armor piece.

17 GL :open_mouth: I’ve never had anything close to this. My maximum from 2 runs is like 10, usually 4-5

Just to clarify i can’t be sure about leapstones amount, much likely i had few of them in my inventory before so actual number can be lower. But since i couldn’t hone anything it has to be below 10