Random Disconnect? Is This Game At A Stand Still?

Hello everyone,

First of all i would like to mention that I always get disconnected every night at around 12-1 UTC/GMT+1 (Berlin). This is not the first time, and I am sure that this is not the last time. The reason why I am writing this now is that this keeps happening, and as before, I never received any rewards I was missing during that time. I made sure that this is not an ISP error or 24h disconnect from the ISP. Chances are lost to run the content and I have lost my time. I am sure that I am not the only person that experience this.

But the other reason why I am posting here is the honing chances. I know that this was discussed so many times. I am at around 1356, but I stopped honing. Why you ask? I am not a whale or dolphin although I did spend money on the Gold Pre-Order and recently on the 180 days Crystalline Aura as I do prefer the “QOL”. There are talks about that only 5% reached T3 (including bots), but when I look at myself, I DO NOT WANT TO PROGRESS AT THE MOMENT. There is hardly any content, and being overpowered is great, but it will not help me as I am not playing with those people. Especially not in EUW, as the whole server seems to be almost dead.
Most of the players will not have reached T3, and without that honing buff, all other players will be stuck. Whales and Dolphins may play together, because there are enough of them, but they will be stuck as well at one point, as there are not enough players at that level.

The honing chances are ridiculous and there is not much content for me to go this way except for two Guardian Raids and an Abyssal Raid for which I would have to use ridiculous amounts of materials.

I think NA/EU starting point is similar to the leading cause of KR region’s death when there was no real end game. This is a strange point of the game to start off with in my opinion.

Many are impatient because they have multiple versions to stare at while ours seems stuck in the past.

Some will argue that KR didn’t get certain honing buffs until further down the road and only when certain legion raids were released and that we should be patient.

I am not of the same mind. I think that they should have applied a honing buff up until Relic gear. Relic is when that buff should fall off and is when the true end game grind begins.

I keep seeing too many people disheartened by the early game grind and then completely giving up when they realize that the gear they’re fretting over is just throwaway.

TL;DR - Should have waited to release a more complete version of the game. Gamers tend to bust their asses until they hit end game when they’re enjoying said game.

I do not think that I am impatient… quite the opposite… because I am waiting, otherwise i would have quit this game already. In my opinion, the honing buff is necessary, why you ask? because if there is no honing buff, all the people will be stuck, no matter if the people are F2P or whales.
Speaking of EUW, if there are whales here, they may not have too many options of players that can keep up. And if you are not, ppl will be stuck by the honing wall.

It is funny that you say it is “early game grind”, because it is actually not in this version. 1300+ is not early grind. as it is end game here more or less. Compared to the 1650+ in korea, it seems low, but if this is all based on T3 items, then it is even less than end game, this is basically early game, as all the honing before is a piece of cake to all that happens after 1340.