Random Disconnect Lost Me 300 Gold

I was collecting the Mokoko Seeds on Gesbroy Island and had all 3 buffs active (one of the buffs costing 300 gold to activate by ringing the bell) and I somehow lost connection and dropped from the island and game. When I relogged I was on my ship and I joined the island once again and the buffs were removed and I had lost 300 gold because of it. Could I receive the 300 gold back or at least the ticket which allows you to ring the bell to try again? Frustrating to lose that much so early on over a dc…

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Server: Procyon
Name: Khloie

I guess that’s a no then, cool.

We’re on the same boat. 5 days in a row without harvesting a Guardian Soul due to disconnect error. Feels amazing, right?

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Stuff like this is makes you want to quit