Random Disconnections Kazeros - SA

Hello Team,

We are experiencing random disconnections. I was in a raid and all the player got disconnected.
Is there a global issue?



Hello concerned citizen,

Thank you for this information, we will bring it to the team to have them investigate Immediately.



LOL the timing.


hahhaha bad timing

Again mass DC. I lost my Legion raid entry for the 2nd time in the same week, ticket will only be sent to mail after 24hs. This shouldn’t be happening months after release.

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Stuck in loading page.

Issues all over, I cross my fingers when I join an instance, helps sometimes.

We gotta get you working on those Mokoko’s sir.

That’s why the servers are so unstable.

But yes the servers have been and continue to be basically unplayable. It’s been progressively getting worse now for ~3 weeks.

I remember experiencing the same thing in my Valtan run. Everyone dc’d and the run was over. Took like 1-2 hours to find that group and in an instant gone.

I hope the same thing won’t be happening in the RU version or I will cry.

there has to be a answer and seriously some real compensation for all these disconects i mean they make a mistake we pay for it while we still dont get actual compensation for al of our frustrations i mean i have lost alot to the point i acvtually fear doing raids or anything its insane i even called my iunternet provider once cause i thought it was me this is un acceptable
regulus server

Guys seriously stop trying to run anything if the servers are broken…just log off…bombard forums… maybe they will call the devs for a fix -_-

free pheons ???

Another DC right now, a lot of friends getting disconnected in kazeros

Truth be told. I doubt there will be an answer till everything dies down. Right now, everything is very heated and CMs from the looks of it are getting bashed from handling other issues and outside of that with many tags. They may be an answer but not while the fire is hot.

Blackfang server as well. These disconnects have been happening for so long, so damn annoying.

The incompetence of AGS continues.

While you are absolutely correct, the nature of LA and it’s design around pushing you to get all your weekly checkboxes done before reset sticks players in that awkward position of putting themselves through this hell in hopes of getting some clears done.

It’s the weekend, it’s checkbox clearing time.

Just got DC’d two times in 5 minutes during a vykas G2, also Kazeros SA

Also here, that’s sad :frowning:

free pheons i say lower the cost of pheons on self mailing accessories and give us pheons not battle item chests have like 50 of them

Me and my Vykas Party got dc twice past 10 minutes.