Random Disconnections Since 6/22


Ever since last night I started disconnecting form Lost Ark multiple times. I lost a platinum field run, failed a chaos dungeon, ghost ship, and disconnected from PVP. It has never happened while I’m in town. And has not happened until last night. But has occurred multiple times today as well.

For clarification. My internet is not going out, I do not disconnect on any other application and my internet is not dropping even for a second. Lost Ark is not crashing. Simply all mobs will freeze then Lost Ark is saying I need to exit game. Not sure if this some new attempt at bot detection or what but just frustrating and am wondering if this is an issue on Lost Arks side, because I have no idea what it could be on my side.

You are not alone, i lost my argos ticket today (06/22) after a random dc on p3.

I bet its some bug/problem in servers.

Playing ln SA…

Hello @ImpulseIV, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reaching out and informing us about this issue with your disconnections, I would like to share with you some troubleshooting you can do to solve the issue:

If the issue persist after all those steps then please contact our live support so they can assist you more, you can contact us here:

Thank you for your understanding!