Random disconnects after the update

Got 3 disconnects so far, 1 with (eac offline) 2 with (cannot connect to the server)

EUC Thirain


i ve been dc ing all day like every 10-30 mins

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Agreed - has been happening to me and multiple members of the guild all day @Roxx

Server: NAE Galatur

Same for me,random DC.internet working well discord etc but lost ticket already on Argos ! And i saw many random DC in parties.

EUC Neria

Same problem. EUC Lazenith

same problem, NA WEST been disconnecting daily since 4 months ago

same NA east karta random disconnects since update

I’m on Slen and I’ve been DC’d multiple times today… the server seems to treat me and my roster the same way my mouth treats liquorice

Thank you for reporting this. The development team is checking into this issue!

Hey everyone, please check this thread for updates.

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