Random disconnects since Vykas update

Hello there, I have been receiving random disconnects since the last major update (respectively 30/06/2022). I tried fixing the Easy Anti-Cheat from the button “Repair service”, to fresh re-installs, fresh re-formating my computer, re-verifying files from Steam, restarting my router/modem and nothing worked so far & I also checked if my internet has a problem recently, it doesn’t, everything seems fine on my end.

I would also want to mention that I had 0 connectivity issues before the Vykas update & it’s becoming extremely extremely frustrating by getting random disconnects in raids & dungeons, not only that the game takes forever to load from the Easy Anti-Cheat but you keep receiving them disconnects after maximum interval of 10 minutes and also pray that the system gives you back the tickets (entries) to remake the entire raid again so you can disconnect once again and head yourself in a loop of disconnects without any chance to even get your rewards in the end.

Can we please do something about this, the forums are filled with a lot of complaints regarding this issue, so it’s not only me. I also made a support ticket regarding my issues with more details / screenshots regarding this, no answer. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox



I’m sorry to see you’re having this problem :confused: .

What is your server name and your character name?

Thank you! I’ll get this over to the team.

Still having the same issues till this day, I’m losing entries of raids like on a daily basis.

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