Random favorite Mount


can you make a button that I use a random Mount I marked as favorite? Now it’s not a big deal because the amount of Mounts are not so big, but in the future it would be cool to have a button that rotates my cool mounts :slight_smile:

Might be some issues as not all mounts can be used in all locations, looking at you flaming hot red pony from Azure!

I recommend using the additional preset slots found underneath the consumables hotbar. You have 4 to choose from, if by some chance you’re not currently using them all, slap 6 of your favorite mounts in the hotbar so they are quickly accessible with some variety.

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I don’t think this will be a big issue. Of course, this idea is not out of my mind. It’s a feature Blizzard added a while ago to WoW and it mostly chooses a mount to suit your situation.
Can’t fly = ground mounts (here are some fly mounts for what ever reason)
Can fly = fly mounts
Underwater = water mounts

And yeah, the Azure ponies are really weird. Don’t know why they exist in the game xD