Random feedbacks

I bought the platinum founders, then proceeded as f2p with over 600 hours invested. My main pushed to 1370 earlier this week and I have one alt barely in T3.
Others may have mentioned some of the things I will bring up, but I think these would be nice to have in the game or just something to consider.

Chaos Dungeons/Guardian Raids should have the option to receive both the daily rewards in a single run. Players would be allowed a choice of 50 or 100 resonance for Chaos Dungeons and 1 or 2 harvest for Guardian Raids. Also, players should not need to manually harvest the guardian loot at the end. I never forget to, but is there any benefit to the extra step?

Similarly Cube and Boss Rush should allow any number of tickets to be used for equivalent rewards. Cube currently does that to some extent by allowing 3x ticket entries for more rewards.

Untradeable honing materials! Make them roster bound. Honing shards, let us convert them to higher tier shards or some other form of currency.

I think the following does not need to be said but push out working quality of life features that Korea has over to our version with a higher priority. Front/back attack indicators, additional dismantling options, compact chaos dungeons, combined maps to prevent scamming etc.

I’ll also offer a suggestion for bots. Use captcha or something similar; basic arithmetic, puzzles, etc. A timed pop up when you are not doing anything important (and not afk) and would take 5 seconds to do. Answering correctly would yield some reward like silver/gold/etc. Answering incorrectly after multiple attempts or not at all will temporarily flag the account and be dealt punishments, increasing with successive failed attempts. Accounts flagged more often will have increasingly more reward-less pop ups until their eventual ban. This is auto moderation for bots but can simply be viewed as mini timed log-in rewards for regular players.

Fleeting idea
It would be interesting if each account had a hidden credibility variable. If reliable reports are made, credibility goes up. Bad selfish reports would hurt credibility. Benefits would not be outright visible, but reports from a more credible account would have a higher weight to it. So if a dozen of trolls with low credibility reports someone, it would be much less impactful compared to someone who consistently make good reports. This would create some form of self community moderation.

My thoughts on current state of game
Similar to many others, I feel that Argos came out too early. Even if not intended, it gives the feeling of showing favoritism towards heavier spenders. To avoid similar situations for future gated content, I suggest to release said content when at least a certain percentage of active players can participate. Even 10-20% is great compared to the 0.1% or so of players that can attempt Argos on release.

That said, I do not mind accelerated content release. I look forward to content I’ve seen in Korea version including legion raids and all the new classes and cosmetics. I’m sure many of us are playing because of what we’ve seen or heard from other versions. But make sure to provide us with reasonable resources, via events or other avenues, to help push us towards the new content. At the current state, I prefer generous events over increased honing rates to get use over the dead zone. There is no reason to have players be pushing upwards 1415 gear score before legion raids are even out.

That’s about all I have for now. I really enjoy the game so far, and I look forward to the update later this week. Wow, this was kind of long… heh

I’m assuming that the idea of “harvesting” the guardian soul is supposed to be similar to how you harvest the body of a dead mob in monster hunter after the victory screen(since there are so many similarities). If that’s indeed the case, then I honestly think we can do without it lol

Maybe, and it doesn’t really add to anything for guardian raids, not even dopamine. I can only see cons to it. It’s not uncommon to hear other players expend their harvest but forget to actually grab the loot at the end of the run.