Random Mount Bug?

Few updates ago they added the ‘Random Mount’ feature. I havent seen anyone else complain bout this so idk if its just me or not. But when i put it on my hotbar and select it. It constantly makes me be on my mount. Whenever I hop off, it makes me go back on automatically, it wont let me move, talk or do anythin until im back on a mount. I play with a controller, so is it a controller bug? I dont think it is. Because even if i unplug it after the bug happens, It still forces me to hop on a mount. It only happens with the random mount select. Not normal mounts. I was hopin id be fixed by now but it hasnt and since the chrystaline and blue gem bugs are goin on today, figured id make this post too.

I play on NA East/Kharmine with a controller on my laptop.

Hey there, Zats. Thanks for reporting it and it does seem like a bug. I’ll send it to the development team for you.

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