Random Soulfist question


Maybe someone knows or has also seen it - which Soulfist’s spell spawns Wei’s lion? I am 100% sure I saw the Lion during Vykas raid and once during GvG but the Soulfist player couldn’t see it.

Can’t recall there being a lion, but the second awakening has Wei as part of the animation

Yeah I am aware of that. I am talking about a literal Lion

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The lion animation is from Striker, Soulfist has no animation as what you currently describe. Only my daddy Wei helping me on Ultiiii

Ehh I wish I had recording turned on for this particular run :frowning: 100% a blue-tinted Wei’s lion running away

Definetly not striker then, it’s an up roar Lion in full fire )) you know what, im going to the Trixion, i’ll try some skills I’ve never used before, we’ll see

Amazing, appreciate so much :smiley:

I’ve been looking around and I am not seeing anything so far :frowning: