Random Stagger?

Anyone else feel Guardian stagger is a bit random at time ?

I just did Armored Nacrasena today and:

Run 1 → fight → stagger → break armor → fight → stagger → break tail → kill (Looks fine)
Run 2 → fight → fight → fight → fiiiiiight …-> stagger → break armor → fight → kill

I just tended to gloss over it before but today it just really stood out how stupidly hard it staggered in the second fight compared to the first. Same spec, same basic rotation…I’m probably just missing something about how it works.

for armored nacrasena i think you have stagger checks, which is when he’s curled up trying to cast a point blank aoe. if you miss that, he could possibly be immune until next stagger check.

did you have the same team comp for both fights?

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Solo on both , and yes I always do his stagger check when he curls up with the electric shield :confused:

Edit: I’m guessing he regenerates or something during some phase. I think I had him burrow and spawn adds in the second run but not the first ? Could be mistaken

could just be rng tbh, since mechs don’t necessarily come out at the same time every fight

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It seems like stagger requirements have variations from raid to raid or the checks are purely a way to output all of your stagger abilities at once and add to the hidden stagger percentage without getting interrupted. This is really obvious on Velganos. I can play the exact same way each attempt and sometimes I fail the check, and other times I don’t.

I’ve also noticed that boss patterns are often horrendous depending on where the guardian spawned at the start of the instance. Armored Nacrasena constantly doing front flips and moving backward is a great example.

for armored nacrasena there is the regular stagger bar of the boss then there is the charge up phase staggering. Those 2 should be independent of each other. There is also the possibility of the stagger bar being reset when he succeeds on gathering the his 3 electric charges during his charge up phases but dunno since well… can’t actually see the bar XD

To dodge the stagger even if you fail with Armored Nacra, be under his tail, you wont take anything and still DPS.