Random stuttering/slight freezing when loading players

Hello all, Zalkitos here, I completely forgot about this when I encountered it, and luckily a friend reminded my guild about leaving feedback despite CBT being closed and I luckily remembered this. Even though the CBT is closed atm, I still hope this will help the dev’s out. During the CBT on the last day, I encountered something strange when it comes to players passing by you or standing in place when they come on the screen. Whenever someone came on the screen, the game would slightly freeze or stutter.

Kind of like how the game stuttered when moving in a new area or in dungeons, that issue that was fixed during the hotfix. I assume the reasoning of why the game slightly freezes & stutters is because it’s trying to load the player in with all of the details asap, but not having enough time to load the details properly and then the result being the slight freezing and stuttering.

Because of this slight freezing/stutter, there would be times where the game froze for a few seconds when a player was near by or passing by. I feel so stupid not remembering this because during a fight this constant stuttering and freezing can be a problem. I have died a few times because of these issues. It sucks I didn’t remember it earlier when CBT was still open but I still hope this feedback helps a bit. And if anyone else had encountered this too.