Randomly banned for what?

Got randomly banned for 3 days. 500+ hours in game. NW again. Love AGS and Amazon.

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Mistakes happen unfortunately in all games with mistargeted bans. Have to wait for Roxx to comment or a response from your appeal. Sorry this happened to you. I’m assuming it has something to do with EAC, which isn’t the greatest cheat software.

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The more and more mistakes that add up the more they actively kill their playerbase.


Nothing changes since NW.


as far as ive understood since i woke up, almost everyone with 500h + hours have gotten automaticly banned, apparently they working on a fix to stop this auto ban but i cant see news about that anywhere so idk

its good getting banned for cheating just cuz u have many hours on the game

No they don’t get auto baned . There was a ton of players who used simple macro to keep them online (especialy on eu) to avoid quess . As well do not forget more that 95% of this cryers are RMT

Found another gold buyer who now tries to play the innocent victim.

Do you have proof? Especially in my case?

I think this is something people might be overlooking. Not saying OP did this but if you are using a macro to keep the game from logging you out that will eventually be detected either by the game or by players reporting you. Unattended gameplay will get you banned even if your just running in a circle or into a wall.

People that were banned from this game have actually received appeal replies stating that they have been banned from NW. Its literally the same broken system :joy:

thats not true xD literally almost everyone who got 500h or more got banned tonight, i myself is at 487h, so hoping i didnt get hi since i didnt hit the treshhold, people legit get banned once they hit 500h to being ingame and once they hit 500h they get banned lol

you guys literally miss that AGS have made an announcement about this? that they have said people have been falsly banned, and a lot of people have been falsly banned

yet u guys decide to shame every person who got so

I’m not saying you are guilty or not , but in me opinion after checking discord 95% of cryers are RMT or macro to stay online .Both should be perma ban . They got logs i do belive they know what they doing

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no they don’t stop spreading bs

This is false news. It’s not everyone who hit 500hours mark.

Thank you for linking that. Not sure why they havent posted that here on the forums though :thinking:

not saying its everyone, saying its majority, like 80% of my guildies whos at 500h got banned lol

because that is not the official discord

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Yeah, thats said there cuz people are contacting amazon support not AMAZON GAMES

You are so oblivious. It’s a fanmade discord channel.


Is there rest of the post where it mentions 500+ hours? I have well over 500+ hours and haven’t been banned. Maybe the false ban is due to a different metric and not 500 hours.