Randomly Banned

I was recently banned on Lost Ark which truly does not make sense as I did not do anything against the Code of Conduct. But, from doing research I have found that there are many other players who have also been randomly banned. So I am here to request for your team to look into this issue along with unbanning my account. After doing research it seems that I have been accused of trying to do an exploit with the founders pack. I had bought the founder’s pack to gain early access along with purchasing it for my boyfriend as a gift on steam. After playing the game for multiple hours I realized I really enjoyed the game and wanted to upgrade my founders pack to the gold founders pack from the silver one. To do that I attempted to refund the founders pack on steam and I immediately got a notification saying that I could not get the refund or upgrade the founders pack and I left it that. Not once did I get my money back from steam or amazon. Therefore I did not participate in anything where I had to be banned.