Randoms disconnects in raids

As the title says, Im getting lag spikes and being disconnected in raids only, never have this problem before, starting just today.
Quite annoying to be honest, weird thing its only 1 time, when I come back everything runs perfect
something that I can do? connection work fine with every other game, only have problems in lost ark

Sorry to hear you’re having these disconnects, wartred.

I’ve moved this over to the support section for you.

Hello @wartred .

We are glad to have you here with us. I do apologize for the disconnection you had experience.

Good to hear the disconnections are not frequent, please check the troubleshootings listed on the AGS support page for connectivity issue.

If the disconnection persist after the troubleshooting or becomes more frequent, I encourage you to contact AGS customer support for further assistance.

Have the dxdiag ready in case they ask for it, instructions for generating a DXdiag:

Wish you the best and a nice week.

It is going on a week and I have followed all instructions and sent all requested info. Just now I get disconnected while running with my guild. Strange how was not disconnected from discord while playing. On top of that log back in to a reward screen that is blank. NOTHING. This is the second time and I STILL have not been refunded from last weeks run. Not even asking for all of the guardian raids that I had dropped because of this. The only response I get is “we are escalating your ticket”. How about you refund my runs that I loss while you are doing whatever research you need to do. I am now losing patience. What actions do I need to take in order to get refunded? The 7+ emails back and forth are not finding me any resolution. What is the next step?

NA West

Hello @Sintheal,

I am sorry to hear about your lost entries and therefore the reward based on getting disconnected during a run but please bear in mind we do not provide re-entry tickets in cases not caused by a verified server crash or outage.

We’ve set up a system that will automatically reissue entries in scenarios caused by a verified server crash or outage within 48 hours. That is to say, if the system does not reissue your entry ticket automatically on this occasion, we will not be able to do so manually. You can read on how we handle these scenarios here.

Note that contacting support is not a means to get these re-entry tickets and they will likely inform you of this, with no further follow up. The reason you were instructed to contact support is merely for more troubleshooting about the disconnects you are experiencing on your end.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

So this system you are telling me is suppose to refund me. Strange that it refunded me for one of the runs and not the other. Strange that I had the exact same error message and sent both to cs. So if the game is going to STEAL resources and gold from me who do I contact about that? I am sure somebody is able to do something manually in this game.

Hello @Sintheal,

I am sorry you feel the way you do. Bear in mind if only one of your entries was returned then that is because the system only identified one as having been caused by a verified server crash or outage and no other ones will be granted. You need not contact anyone about this but wait up to 48 hours and, if no ticket is returned, then none will be given.

Do remember you can share your thoughts and feelings in the Feedback section of the forums or you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: