Ranged - Heavy Armor - Crisis Evasion - Divine Protection made it a different game for me

I posted it in another thread, but according to steam achievements only 16% of the userbase are even at a point where they should even consider doing guardian raids or abyssal content. 12% have cleared 3 guardian raids. I don’t know how Amazon (or the players) got this 10% metric but I have to assume it encompasses multiple raids and abyssal dungeons because that’s lower then the amount of people who have successfully done some of the content.

There’s a few problems with all this however;

A large chunk of people that are factored into the achievement metric above only play for a few days and then never play again. Only 26% have gotten to the first arc.

The game has a huge community of bots. Characters that will never step foot in a guardian raid or abyssal dungeon.

Not everybody is interested in doing this type of content.

I haven’t seen many people discuss the contents difficulty in-game. Presumably because at least half of the active player base aren’t there yet, are not interested in doing it, have no issues with it, or some other reason. Of the people I have seen discuss it, it is overwhelmingly regarded as easy. (anecdotal)

and finally, wth it’s only been three weeks…

If they want to nerf things, that’s fine. The second they make one shot mechanics no longer one shot I’m done. Part of the fun of these raids is managing one shot mechanics. The numbers can be tweaked on everything else, but DO NOT allow players to just ignore mechanics



Not all content is for everyone.

Watch this video and stop with these topics. Here he talks about what matters for the KR version and the buffs and nerfs they done there.

it is a mmo, it is not rocket science. Anyone can pretend the game is hard is beyond belief.

Even if it is super hard, unless it is a road block to progression it means nothing. Like the hardest legion raid isn’t even required for progression.

I’m a big supporter of making T1 and T2 content less time consuming, but I feel the mechanics are fine as is. 1HKO mechanics make people learn their class and the mechanics, or they don’t do those bosses.

Not all bosses up to tier 2 that I’ve done have 1HKO mechanics, which makes the materials accessible at lower tiered bosses. People who don’t want to deal with 1HKO mechanics can choose to queue into bosses that don’t have those.

I also disagree with the potions. Potions ARE usable, but you have to get the HP% potions. You’re also limited to carrying 5 at a time but a lot of people don’t realize that you can run back to the start and resupply. I like the potion mechanic because it helps to build an economy and ties the end game into gathering/crafting, which I feel should be a thing in every game.

Stop asking for nerfs if you cant deal what Korean can. We want to play the real deal, the same version developers have envisioned and our fellow Korean playing. We dont want the casual version of Lost Ark. We dont ask for anything more difficult than the REAL DEAL. So please

Did my abyssals for brelsharza and the king with randoms.

King took like an hour and half with first wipe, mechanics explaniation, realizing how it worked.

Brelsh took less time, wiped first bc person explaining thought a bug was working which didn’t twice then it was very simple.

People calling for nerfs are either not wanting to put any effort at all, or for some reason believe there is no point in upgrading their t1 gear for this because it will be dropped.

They just consume time but going over the entire learning curve is actually nice.

Abyssals are the only real good thing in the game and they making it uninteresting lol

I have not try-harded anything in this game. Some stuff is annoying but doable. Nothing in T1 or T2 requires being try hard at all, it requires knowing mechanics. The first sea abyss dungeon they are choosing to nerf has actually 1 one shot mechanic and it’s easy enough to see to get in it. It’s people standing in everything and spamming their abilities or not looking at their breath.

Dark souls is a hard game that is very profitable. Difficult things can exist, but T1-T2 seem just like learning curve mechanics to me.

Just quit. It’s not hard enough that 90+% can’t complete unless you think Koreans are some genetic freaks and just better at games than NA which is implicitly racist. You have the ability you’re all just lazy as hell and have little self discipline.

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But were not asking for content… its already there… your group is the one asking for stuff…

While I’m fully down with the nerfs, I think it would be fine if first time clears had regular health. but That would proabably be too hard for them to implement in a way that works with coop. I tend to skip guardian raids most of the time on my alts because of how time consuming they are.

This though LOL bro what Jesus Christ 1hko moves are in all mmos so stop and potions need to be usable??? you do know you have to equip them right???

That moment when the hypercasuals think anything with even the slightest bit of difficulty is “hardcore”.


I agree 100%

The overcasualization of gaming hit MMORPGs as well pretty hard. Im afraid we gonna have a way different Lost Ark than what we were thinking at start if this continues.

All those who cry about T1 and T2 progress you think wont cry out loud for T3 nerfs when they get there ? Oh boy, its 100% certain. Ive met many guys, not just once, who didnt even bring a single potion with them in all kind of content. Guess who is crying about nerfs because is not “fun” for them

More like 1% at best, LMAO

Learn the mechanics stop trying to steamroll to end game with no knowledge on how it works.
If you leave we aint going to miss ypu!!!

What they need more than nerfs are a better training area that explains common mechs, how to play the game better and how the different systems work. Getting gems and fusing them are a game changer yet most players don’t even know what they are and just have random lv1 equipped. Engravings literally define how well your class plays but yet people are walking around with Grudge Lv.1 and asking what happened to their sorceress identity skill.

Most people don’t even know how Chaos Dungeons work, even all the way up to late tier 2 (where I am currently.) I’ve seen countless players blindly stand in front of guardians and use up all revives within 2 minutes while ignoring attacks or positionals. Gate of Paradise Abyssal Dungeons with players who didn’t know what counter and weakpoint meant on their abilities. And of course probably a hundred or so runs with players who refused to learn mechanics or listen when someone tried explaining.

If players just understood how the very basic systems of the game worked I don’t think we would be having this issue. It isn’t necessarily even something you can google if you don’t even know it’s important or it’s never brought up again outside of the two lines of dialogue in that one purple sidequest you spammed g through 4 continents ago. In an ideal world everyone would be like I am and watch guides in their spare time, but it still needs to be better explained in game.

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The training areas are the starting fights, that have incredibly easy mechanics and some are even yelled at you by NPCs.

People simply DO NOT PAY ATTENTION. All the training and tutorials in the world mean nothing if people don’t listen.

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People are so dumb that they are trying to beat guardians/abyssal dungeons without engraving stones and negative passives (already proven by players uploading builds from people that kept dying). That’s why are they nerfing the content, so they get a free pass to t3 and keep crying?
It’s not about the content being hard, but that people don’t pay attention or do the bare minium to learn. I agree the game needs to tell you more about the systems and mechanics tho.