Ranged - Heavy Armor - Crisis Evasion - Divine Protection made it a different game for me

I feel like majority of people on both sides are wrong. Catering only to casuals is bad, but ignoring them is also bad because they will always be the majority.

That being said, if you identify as a casual player, please understand that it is completely unreasonable for you to expect to complete endgame content in the same timeframe as a hardcore player, if at all.
Personally, I consider Guardians and Chaos dungeons to be casual content, and Abyss to be a middle ground type content that is meant to prepare you for the absolute cataclysmic jump in difficulty that’s waiting for you in legion raids.

Also, the game has a ton of horizontal content meant for casual players. Islands, seasonal events, stronghold (that’s getting a massive overhaul and will be customizable like an actual FFXIV house), there are minigames coming, mario party in lost ark, things like that. The game has a lot of stuff for you and your friends to do together if you’re a casual player. The devs see you and they are bringing a ton of content for you that everyone can enjoy.

Endgame content (I mean legion raids, actual endgame) is insanely difficult. In all honesty I consider myself a hardcore player but I am not sure if I’ll be able to clear them. And if I do I know it will take many hours. But that’s also the appeal of the game. It doesn’t have to cater to just one audience - it can cater to both, as long as casual players understand that demanding nerfs to the difficult content is extremely unreasonable. People play the game for different reasons, so let all those reasons be available. This isn’t us vs them, this is just us.

Lastly, when the game came out in KR in 2018 it was very different, and the content was all puggable, it was slow, easy to clear, and accessible to basically everyone. That’s not the only reason, but it’s a massive reason as to why the game died when it came out. Lost Ark wasn’t popular in the beginning and only rose back to popularity in the recent year, because the devs had to go full Yoshi P and revamp the entire game to make it fun and interesting. Don’t shame the veterans for being afraid of the nerfs, because they are just afraid AGS might make the same mistake Smilegate did back in 2018.


No. We were the last holdouts of our guild - a large number of people at the time started, close to 250. By the time we quit, we were some of the last 20 who had not already. All quit for the same reason - the level of ‘hardcore’ being pushed by the developers and the tiny fragment of the community was completely unfun.

We quit long before the game died. Before they started realizing they had a huge and rapidly growing attrition problem and started nerfing things massively around the board. But, by then it was already too late, the game had bled out and people had no interest in coming back to something that had already proven itself unfun, grindy, and an unreasonable demand on your time.

There are two crowds of people who absolutely destroy MMOs - the “the game should be for hardcores only!” crowd, and the “the game should be centered around PVP” crowd. They are tiny but vocal minorities within these games and games die when developers listen to them. Ashes of Creation is going to die off rapidly after launch once people get into forced PVP situations as well.

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The 50% Buff happend after the 50% nerf for Beta. So its technically not wright. We are using the nerfed russian version of the game.

AFAIK, the Devs haven’t actually stated what the changes were to the NA/EU version vs. Russia or Korea. So people are just randomly throwing around numbers. However, it is generally agreed that the Guardians have more HP but the exact percentage is unknown.

Why does this matter? Only a small amount of people are this far in the game. That’s okay. Other players will in time get there. It’s unreasonable to say because 3% of the community has done a thing, that the game should be made easier for the other 97%.

That was proven false, a streamer mouthed off and people took it for gospel there is uncut video and math proof of us having the same HP pool as Russian ver.

Edit for link:

It’s honestly amazing how easily people fall for lies and then refuse to acknowledge it despite being given proof that it was all BS.

Nothing surprising here at the state of forums… ignorance, elitism and toxicity! What you all are refusing to see… with out us filthy casuals this game would die here in the west… try yards sweaty ( from my point of view) are about less than 15% of the game population…… god forbid people don’t agree you… let’s get hostile !! Like the above post # get rid of casuals … or whatever it is…. I don’t think it should be nerfed… but I get why… but main issue is the elitism of the player base…… no patience for learning …. Self centered mentality and the “me” attitude…… it was so bad during a learning run of my abysmal dungeon (t1) I almost stopped shielding people as a paladin……some people (older gamers) don’t necessarily wanna watch 5 videos or even 1 video to learn about a game when they can play the game and learn like we did in the golden age of gaming…. People be patient and explain… create a better community

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preach ma guy … newbs this day dont want to git gud

wrong. i think its that most people dont pride themselves on video game achievements because they arent complete losers, and play games to have fun.

cant say the same for many of the MMO karens crying about nerfs and using words they dont understand like “work” especially when referring to a video game…

devs are making changes to the game to keep players, and because they are way smarter than you bozos are.

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beta post

malding kid.

weeee weeeee games r for fuuun weeee weeeee just git gud

time to go outside kid LOL

And you appear to be an entitled kid who expects the same results for less effort. Cry me a river.

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You have so many free materials to advance T1 with ease, 2 powerpasses for free (more mats), easy leveling, easy farming, mount from the get go, plenty of storage room, plenty of free potions, daily login rewards, honing mats left and right from quests/islands/dailies/events, you have free raiding thru Stronghold station and so much more and you all want to be nerfed the 1 and only 1 thing that needs some effort from you. Abyssals and Guardians when in the end of the day you can easily outlevel them and you can be a boss in there too.

I mean what is next to ask ? Send you items via email every day without even play or make all bosses stand still with 1HP ready to die ?

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Counterpoint and being a bit of devil’s advocate here: You just described all the reasons why T1 and T2 content is functionally no more than a speedbump and there is absolutely zero reason or justification to ‘learn’ anything inside of it.

I mean, I understand the point about people ‘learning mechanics’ but that only applies to GENERAL mechanics on a whole. I can’t think of any reason, given what you just listed, to warrant any expectations players should belabor to learn individual, boss specific mechanics - can you? Outside that specific boss, with those specific mechanics, being repeated at later points and/or higher difficulties.

If the goal is to force people to learn mechanics, level 50 is the wrong time and place to be just starting that process.

This is simply your opinion. I thought all of it was fun and I am by no means a “5%-er”.

If I thought it was too tedious or annoying I would just play another game…but not you apparently.

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Y’all need to not play mmos.

This isnt a hack and slash game! There’s mobile games for that

IT TAKES NO TIME to read a guide and practice. Have fun with your friends trying to clear something. Actually be deserving of the rewards

Everyone wants to be geared, but no one wants to put the work in.

It’s not try harding to use a few braincells to learn content.


I feel like there are better ways to help more casual players. Insert more potions into the game, raise the death cap, or maybe something like giving new players a damage reduction buff for the first x runs of a dungeon.