Ranked Arena bronze tier

it’s amazing how impossible it is to climb the rankings in the ranked game in this game, even in bronze they give you 30 points if you win and if you lose they take away 30, after what happens?

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You just have to win more than you lose.


this system is trash im 2165 mmr and i belive its garbage


All ELO based ranking systems take you to your 50% win/lose zone, you can only climb when you win more than you lose in a particular bracket, the cycle repeats in the next one and so on.
If losing is particularly frustrating and you can’t deal with it, then ELO games ain’t for ya. You’re going to lose a lot.

LA didn’t invent the wheel here, it’s been used in a crapload of games.


As long as your winrate is 51%, you’ll reach Grand Master.


not true i have an acc with 57% wr over 250 games which is in silver and a smruf with like 30 games which is 2056 LOL wr legit means nothing in this system.

can get +10 and -20 just bc of how fked system is often there is gm/masters on enemy team every few games vs full bronze/silver teams

Dude its very hard!
Idid my first Silver rank today.
But its very very hard, i’m still learning!
Dont give UP!
I did a lot of games this month but it very very difficult!

it would be a pretty good mechanic if it were up to you, but it’s a randomly ranked team with random pairing, so it’s like playing poker, if you find the right mates you win, if you find useless mates you lose. You can be as strong as you want but if your teammates don’t know how to do anything then you can’t go up. That’s why in my opinion the ranked had to be team elimination if they really had to be random, at least in 1v1 if you have poor companions, but if you are good, you still have the possibility to make the opposing team alone, I have succeeded many times.

As an experiment this season, and actually the real reason why I have done it, is to learn all of the classes well (for when I play against them on my main), I literally have tanked my mmr to 1200-1250, then re-climb to gold, as I learn a new class, and will be doing this for all classes this season, before just playing my main and really trying to climb.

So far I have done it on 4 different classes lol. I will be starting a 5th one tomorrow.

It’s honestly definitely pretty easy to climb to at least silver/gold, even with how bad matchmaking is. Every game you get that is bad luck with terrible comp, or a leaver. The enemy players have also had the short end of the stick just as much.

In bronze I literally have won some games with a leaver on my team, because skill really does make games at that tier pretty easy. People have no idea what their super armors are and what yours are, and just clump together and button mash

I’m going to have to say this is definitely a skill issue that you are having and if/when you improve, you will climb to silver pretty easy

The only class I gave up on learning and could not improve my rank back to gold with in a reasonable amount of time, was gunslinger/deadeye, because I’m legit trash at it and it will take too long for me to get good with hahah. I learned enough to know how it’s skills interact with other classes skills which is the main thing I care about.

Like duration of super armors and staggers, and how long you can delay combo skills to stay in super armor or to keep someone staggered


Lucky if you gain 30 and lose 30 :crazy_face:.
I get like 5-10 if i win and lose about 40 . Doesnt make sense. Dont know how to climb in this game. :rofl:

I did a similar thing though i only tanked mine back to 1500 to do a one class challenge, climbing fine, back in plat atm :slight_smile:

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Nice. It really helped me a lot so far. I really learned how to deal with some classes so much better by playing them and realized opportunities to punish them I missed before because I didn’t know their cd’s as well.

Sounds like yohr silver character had a rough first 100 games where as your 2nd character hit the ground running

I call bs, you lose as much as you win once youre done ur first 100 games. Roughly 15 - 16 a game

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This, the guy above saying he loses 30 and only gains 15 is obviously lying lmao. Like why even lie so obviously, and waste the time typing an opinion.

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