Ranked Arena is infested with Wintrading GMs

Lately im running more and more, in the late hours, into GMs Alts that are gold or lower and totally ruins the party balance (the little balance that we still have). I am curently in Platinum/Diamond depending on the day ( bad or worse ) and it has become a reall hastle to go higher because of those GMalts.

I like to see more diamond and above players in team but the problem is those little fks are gold and lower when they start and if you are lucky enough to play vs them mostlikely you will get destroyed and “tilted”

Considering the fact that arena is filled with afkers/disconnects/totally imbalanced classes you get this sh_t also, makes me wanna spit on this entire game

If you still care about arena ranked try to avoid as much as you can late hours because thats when they rank their alts and also do win trading.

Community in this game is horrible. Mostly nerds, nolifers, perverts spending all days before computer screen. How we can expect fair play from people like them? if they are able to sell their familly for gold :wink: all what we can do is chill out and don’t care about mmr.

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Imagine playing Lost Ark for PvP arenas…

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I play for PVP arena, its the only thing that interests me in this game. The gameplay especially in pvp is extremely complex and satisfying. The most fluid and well done combat in all games i have played. I like this pvp much more than the one in wow or bdo. I have always wished for a good pvp in diablo. This it it.

I have nothing against “nerds, nolifers, perverts spending all days before computer screen” what i have something against is afkers because of something they don’t like.

Whatever suits you mate, but most of LA players don’t share your passion.
That’s why I was surprised that somebody actually chose this game for pvp reason.

all my friends who started this came for pvp, it seems really good combat (not into pvp in games but they are)
it’s a shame its kinda dead, what killed for them was not being able to do ranked in group, which is dumb…

They can do in group in normal queue. Solo queue its the best thing about this arena pvp. But i would even go with that if they will revitalize pvp at least i know i wont have afkers in party because they are to toxic.

Btw today i lost 5 games 4 due to hate afkers 1 to disconnect

coming from you :joy:
after all your MVP flexing and “carrying” on pve repeated computer patterns
no suprise you are a pve carebear, but thinking you have “skills” ? man obviously you will get a wake up call if you played arena so you decide to avoid it

yeah cus doing chaos / guardians 12 times a day is more “fun” got ya

How are you going to be ranked with diamonds and above when only a few hundred people actually plays pvp lmaoooooo. No1 cares about pvp. You should thank the lower ranks/GMalts for joining or else you can keep on waiting for hours to queue into one lmaoooooo

His replied was not aggressive nor attacking anyone who favors/likes pvp unlike your comment. You took it so personal that you had to say “pve carebear”. So you are one of the lonely few hundreds pvp enjoyers that don’t matter in the game. Flex harder cause that 3inch D*** aint getting wet from pvps.