Ranked in this game has to be the worst exp of any "competitive game"

Imagine queing up Over watch and you just dont get tanks / heals but other team does

Imagine playing dota and everyone is a PO1 hero

Imagine playing any competitive game and it just being this much of a RNG fiesta steaming pile of trash

Oh sorry you got strikers doing 50k dmg every game while the enemy gets pallly sorc againnnnnnn

I cant take this game seriously at all anymore LOL


I mean… isnt that all the team competitive games ?


no you dont randomly not get a carry or support

You normally draft the team after the teams are randomized.

You dont just go oh heres your tank player oh you dont get a tank player

oh you dont get a mid player you get 3 bottoms

The format for locked classes with supports / healers that change the game. You get a pally other team doesnt most likely pally team wins.

You get 2 strikers on your team . you lose

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You answered to everything except my quote

Explain a team game thats competitive and this random?

It really does feel awful though in comparison to an actual PvP game like LoL or an arena shooter like OW where you draft members first. Solo queue is so bad for this reason as well as the shoddy matchmaking system as well.

If your striker does 50k then I’m truly sorry, but i actually like having strikers against sorcs and Shadowhunters if im not on Wardancer myself.

Mm doesn’t feel too bad until you go against a double support comb, but that rarely happens.

Sorcs in generel is overrated in pvp, my least fav is pally :frowning: but even those are manageable unless they are super good

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all classes managable expect deathblade because she has tons of super armor skills with mobility u cant outrun him or catch him if he knows how to play. there is no counter against db .

if she is using the 4 t2 SA build, she has garbage mobility. use that to your advantage (the build sucks btw). 3 SA is decent with turning and 2 SA is best in solos/3s

There are actually quite a few classes that counter blades. Shadow hunters, gunslingers, and deadeye being a few.

Gunslinger has more mobility than a blade and ranged abilities to keep them at bay. Sorc also has many tools to out maneuver a blade pretty easily.

If you’re having issues with a class look up their counters.

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That can’t be possible deathblade are s+++ tier and can 100 0 any class by just standing still

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Can you explain this to me ? i mean, we litteraly dont have any SA2, and our animation is so slow that we get cancelled on everything (exemple : You try to escape with your demonic slash, you take the combo because it’s too slow)

you dont need sa2 to counter a db, hell you probably have the best cc in the game to counter them with howl. A DB should not be able to ever touch a SH.

Show me a 3V3 build where howl is used please ^^’.

If it really works, i’ll try

Or use demonic vision? And wutcha mean show you a build, you can adapt. People need to stop going on maxroll and looking at generic builds, if you are struggling vs one class then adapt.

Build need to stay viable in most situation…

I’m not watching at any maxroll build, litteraly did my build last year on RU but ok…

Also Demonic vision is interrupt by everying, Axel too, and it’s too slow.

? Demon vision with 1/1/1 should be more than fast enough to cancel an axel. Either way just build around it an SH should not have any issue with a DB.

Also axel cant cc you through it unless they take the tripid for 2nd hit knock. But if you are getting caught by that then its more just you are reacting WAAYY to slow.

I promise you it’s still too slow to counter Axel.

I assure you its not, i can hit them reliably with claymore which is slower than that and has a deadzone infront of me lol. Though tbh even without using any lvl 3 cc im not sure how a SH would lose to a DB lol. How do they ever even get close…