Ranked isn't a place to learn on the fly

Obviously play and do whatever you want, but why play ranked if you aren’t ready for PvP yet? If you don’t know everything about your class, your basic combos, and what other classes are capable of than there’s unranked to learn.

You are hurting yourself and your teammates jumping into ranked not fully ready.


Obviously play and do whatever you want

i mean thats the whole point of an mmo, maybe these people wanna learn in ranked because its against better players?

iron sharpens iron


That’s the point tho to learn , I also want the rewards . Besides if your so good you’ll outrank me anyways so what will it matter ? Not like you’ll see the same ppl over nover unless you are as bad as me so ?


2nd time you comment a topic saying that.

It’s a TEAM Deathmatch PvP, and you can litteraly tag and be with the same mate again and again.

Go normal and dont be a “stupid EU/NA”

Nah I won’t go normal I’m here for the rewards . I’m never going to learn vs players that are worse then me . I’ve had more decent matches playing ranked then I have had playing normals . I like that it’s solo randoms and not premade teams .

Also what does being na or EU have to do with anything LOL ?


does it matter? even if you do know it’s still luck

i assure you if i got bard/pala every game i would get gold easily…i mean anyone would

If ranked has mmr, won’t be an issue for long.

Also, that’s what happens when the vendor has a wider and deeper selection than every other vendor.

Well, sorry for rewarding people with skill.

The issue here is not “should he sell mats or not”

The issue is that there is always crap coming to slack, and when you say something to them “i dont care i’m here for mats”.

These ppl should be banned, either for a moment on the whole game, or forever in ranked.

Why should ppl like me be banned for trying to improve and playing the game ? Because I want to participate in ranked too ? I mean if you r so good you’ll be in GM way before I ever get there so it won’t be an issue ?

I would like a chance at the mounts too you know . May not get there as fast but I got time .

Why you gatekeeping bronze so hard for LOL ? I also don’t understand why ppl get so angry for couple bad games in bronze like ok it happens but if your skilled you’ll still reclimb back out faster ish anyway so . I mean idk maybe the mmr is bugged rn ? Not sure but like still .

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Normally i wouldnt care either way to much on the matter of playing ranked with low experience but in this game they take your average of all your games so absolutely you SHOULD NOT join ranked untill you feel super confident in your skills

What are you on about ? What ego ? LOL :joy:

No I will not get out thank you I’ll stay playing ranked trying to improve every game .

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I’m not scared about scores I’ll improve overtime never going to improve just quing normals . Vs people who are actually trying to win is a better learning experience imo .

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If I’m not mistaken you can earn the rewards playing unranked, all you need are the badges which can be earned in unranked, along with the PvP experience grade which also increases by playing unranked.


Question what does it mean by the 1st whatever it’s called . I noticed some things require this at the vendor . I looked in my acheevs but I’d don’t see anything about rank 1st.

Those are the experience grades which change every weekly reset depending on how many PvP matches you’ve played.

Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, and so on, that’s your experience grade. This has nothing to do with winning or losing, simply play enough matches every week and your grade will increase. There’s a tab that explains how many points are needed to reach each grade.

As of right now everyone’s grade is Tier 1 at the maximum, this will change next reset depending on how much PvP you’ve played this week.

Ooooooo I seeeeee ok maybe I don’t have to frustrate myself playing ranked hoping to get the cosmetics then . Not that I don’t want to improve and play the best I can and all that but I thought ,only way was to super grind ranked nonstop .

I dont think you understand its average score. So if you start bad you are ruined for the whole season

This doesn’t make sense and here’s why.

Everybody starts off in Bronze, so jump into a ranked match and you’ll play against 3 Bronze players most likely unless MMR has something to say.

Jump into an unranked match, and well since in ranked everybody starts off in Bronze, that means your 3 opponents are at the very minimum Bronze level players.

So really there’s no difference, actually playing unranked might match you up with better players incase high level players decide to play some unranked.

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But doesn’t it go up if you win more games ? And we have 6 months so I have time to also practice in normals n keep trying too ?

If we deal with players that dont want to read or look a guide for a boss, what make you think they will prepare for pvp before ranked?