Ranked isn't a place to learn on the fly

There are different rewards for ranked PvP, but as far as the vendor than no all that can be earned by playing unranked. If you want the ranked rewards than yes you’ll need to climb ranked obviously.

Someone said somewhere that the outfit skins for ranked for us were removed is that true ? Cuz that was the only real reason I even cared to try ranked pvp in the first place was for more outfit skins .

What’s the requirement for the 2 pvp mount ?

Winning is meaningless its about your battlescore

I don’t see any skins on the vendor, so most likely any skins coming from PvP are from the ranked rewards, which I believe come at the end of the season if you’re high enough rank.

The easier one to get is reaching 1st Limit experience grade which requires 67K experience points. Which is possible to reach by next reset if you play a lot.

Second one will take some time, it requires the highest possible grade there is and requires 390K experience.

Look at your PvP tab, press Alt+K and under the Tier Score section it’ll show your progress as to what grade you’ll receive next week.


Many thanks ! :slight_smile:

ooooo ok cool thanks !

o well my battle scores are usually pretty high i guess? , i usually get 1-4 kills most games but my rating is super low idk its confusing tbh to me at least , knowing i can prob get the cosmetics playing unranked i may stick with that tbh .

like recent games i had 4 kills and 3 kills in some of them . Ill prob go watch some more info guides i guess so i can better understand how it works .


it makes perfectly good sense your just apparently don’t understand.

Just because they’re bronze doesnt mean squat. They could just be starting out; they could be doing it for the first time. But hey, you do you boo. Using someone’s rank as a scale of how good they might be lol its laughable especially when PVP isn’t gear based and If i wanted i could make a garbage 50 new toon if I didn’t like the class or was better with a different class…

Ok so go ahead and explain how it makes sense? How is playing a ranked match against 3 Bronze players higher competition than playing an unranked match where at the bare minimum your opponents are also 3 Bronze players? With the chance that high level players might be roaming unranked?

You’re making a statement without backing it up, that’s very easy to do. Now back yourself up.

for the honing mats lol some people dont really care about being “competitive” than to grind for mats

As already discussed the mats can be earned by playing unranked.

yea you can get points but you need “seasonal rank” in order to be able to buy items there and unlock more things to buy so after rank 1 on normal everyone NEEDS to play competitive

I think this answers the topic

No, you only need to increase your experience level which increases by just playing games whether unranked or ranked.

Your experience level isn’t the same thing as your PvP rank.

PvP ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, so on.

Experience level: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, so on.

The vendor items are locked behind experience level, not your PvP rank. Your experience level goes up depending on how many matches you play, that’s it, wins and losses don’t matter here.

im telling you bro you cant. It goes from tier 1 minimum to exchange then all the rest are seasonal ranking so at tier 1 normal ranking i would only be able to buy 1 of these items but i need seasonal rank to unlock the rest. I’m tier 4 normal cant buy anything

those r the exp lvls tho if u press alt +k you will see what he means !

Blame SmileGate/AGS for this. People who don’t normally PvP are obviously going to want the rewards, especially the first (only?) Relic mount in the game?

If game companies didn’t place FOMO items behind ranked PvP, you’d not have these issues but you’d also not have much interest in PvP outside of the core group.

The rewards only serve to increase interest in PvP for people who would otherwise never PvP.

You’ll out rank them soon enough and get into matches with/against other core PvPers.

No you’re not everybody is only Tier 1 at the maximum, next reset is when you’re experience level changes. Than if you play enough PvP matches to earn the correct grade, than you can start buying the mats next reset.

Press Alt+K, look under Tier Score section, it shows you your current experience level which is Tier 1 at the maximum right now, and what it’ll change too starting next reset.

it doesnt show me anything besides 192 xp to next tier i guess thats when it will show more clearly . I only played 2 matches today maybe i need to do more