Ranked premade queue

Yes, another one of these posts even though I’ve scrolled through plenty already.

Some of us want to prepare for and play in tournaments. Setting up custom matches specifically for scrims can be a very time consuming hassle, as anyone who has ever tried to set up team vs team customs would know… 3 manning normals also isn’t beneficial since the skill of the other players is completely random and not effective practice.

To please the competitive players with tournaments in mind, let the sweaties queue up against each other in a separate ranked queue. This way, we actively improve our team play against other teams attempting the same.

There are a few common arguments against this that I’ve taken note of:

  • Separate queues will split the player base
  • This game has been, and will always be a solo queue ranked game
  • Solo queue is more skillful since there’s a bigger focus on your individual performance
  • This game isn’t WoW

I will attempt to address each:

  • Yes, it potentially would split up the player base, I agree. However, all the people that want to do sweaty team play will be forced into organizing scrims, and only the truly dedicated will continue to do so while the rest will completely give up. (Potentially losing players entirely instead of splitting them, which is worse?)
  • Yes, this game has been a solo queue ranked game, but just because that’s how it is now, doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be in the future. Why would you want everything to always stay the same?
  • Sure, solo queue is cool, but more skillful is a stretch. It really depends on who you’re talking to, because the ability to coordinate with a team via voice comms, and building consistent synergy is a skill on its own, let alone everything else. This point is debatable, I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to this.
  • Yes, this game isn’t WoW, but why is that important? I’ve stated a clear purpose for a 3 man premade ranked queue at the start of this post…

For those wondering, yes I’ve also played RU, so don’t say “You’re not an LA player, you don’t know what you’re talking about”.

I think the only way to see if this is truly a good idea is to have a poll. Which I’ve created here:

If this doesn’t eventually get added to the game, I’ll just make a discord server and create a discord bot to help match teams against each other so scrims could come a bit faster. (Splitting up the community, and only the people who look for it will find out it exists while the others who want this and don’t find it just quit the game! Yay! /s)

TL;DR I know some of you are hard headed and refuse to imagine the idea of this being implemented, and I hope you have a great day.


Is it possible that Smilegate doesn’t want to have to balance team comp synergy for premade groups? If they officially support a ranked premade 3v3 queue, they will be expected to balance around it and will be confronted with a lot of feedback around team comps that are too good. This is a much larger commitment than just adding it to the menu.


Yes, very possible, and if that were the case I’d understand if they wanted to put their efforts elsewhere. However, I personally wouldn’t mind if all they did was add it to the menu. Regardless, thank you for your level headed response.

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So what you are saying is that Koreans are too lazy to work on it, so they just don’t want to add it?

For real this is what I thought too was happening. If you really think about it, and put yourself into the developer’s shoes. Where is the money coming in from this game? Not from equalized Arenas that’s for sure.

agree with this <3