Ranked PvP Disconnect

I had a ranked PvP-game and right at the start someone had a disconect, we talking the first 5 seconds in. The person didn’t come back at all rendering the game a 2v3. We all still got the points/minus points to our rank and the match was counted as a normal match. I would love to suggest a system inwhich if a person disconnects in a certain amound of time (not right at the end) its not counted. It’s really disheartening.


yep to know someone can drop your mmr in a click is bs, ive had 3 griefs in 50 rounds, which is actually a lot as you have to win 2 rounds to make back on a loss.

I had a game where a guy starts the game, dies once and dc’s/leaves and never comes back. We go from 3-1 opening to 4-9 loss because it’s 2v3 the rest of the game and lose 20 points of MMR still. Such a dumb system.

It more or less the game crashes … it stupid the matchmaking is already has 2 layers of RNG to it . Better players and comp… now you have to worry about either you or a team mate disconnecting to game crashes. legit just crashed 2min ago and losing mmr for crap like this needs to change.

also received a disconnect, but at the end of the game. Aside that, yes, the pvp ranked system is super unfair, when you have griefer or total beginners starting at silver, then you will be stuck in bronze. Cause damn matchmaking.

edit: seems like the server went down in the middle of a ranked game. Amazon Games, you can’t do this crap. Do it like Digital Extremes and apply an update buffer, so we can complete our current task?! Specially when it is about 1 time a day missions, which we can’t repeat, or the neck braking ranked pvp mmr loss!