Ranked PVP queue types

I would like to talk about ranked PVP in lost ark.
I was wondering why is it only Team Deathmatch 3v3 SOLO for ranked queues?
It is the most rng and unskilled pvp type i have ever heard of…
Don’t you all think there should be queue for 1v1 ranked matches, as not everyone likes to rely on team?
Or at least allow us to queue as premade groups.
Such a weird type of ranked pvp in my opinion.

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The devs are anti-sweats. They don’t want a “meta” forming. As in people being peer pressured to play a specific class or way. The irony however, is that you are unable to play with your friends in this MMO.

Meta will form, this way or another, people will tryhard anyways, but this type of pvp will be just annoying. You play solo, your team doesnt get supp, enemy team gets - instantly big advantage. It feels really weird for deathmatch to be only ranked pvp type. Really hope they will consider adding 1v1

Game is not balanced 1vs1. If there is such ranked you will see the same champions always. That’s not fun.

Yeah, I don’t really get why it’s only solo queue… Would love to play ranked with my friends. Guess I’ll skip playing ranked and just keep on playing normal PvP with my friends

Games not balanced 1v1 when one of the four pvp options is literally 1v1 x3. Come on guys, dont come to pvp discussion if you havent even set up your book.

Team meta, like an arty, a lancer and a din back to back to back.

Of course there will be room for more balancing, cause some classes are better in duels some are worse, but it is doable. 3v3 is also unbalanced xD
Lets say you get in your team Sharpshooter, Shadowhunter and dunno, Gunslinger
You are matched against like Divorce said Artillerist, Gunlancer and Paladin
Everyone is ± as good player as the others, do you win? Never.
This game have big PVP potential, but feels like devs just don’t want to go this way, cuz they provide insanely good PVE content so they kinda gave up on PVP.