Rant. Fix your server first before release Brel

yep another this post . do you guys have ppl that actually playing games on the server that having dc problems ?

unplayble 7th dc today in 3 hour . expect more incomming through evening

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The fact that they pushed a client update to fix this means that the issues is not with servers.

I thought the consensus was that it is EAC’s fault?

Roxx said it’s a combination of things that are causing it.

The Final Boss should be Bots ,but if they ban all of bots the game population massively to drop down may be near to 40k . than must be they don’t want to face the bots main reason :upside_down_face:

I mean, would she ever outright blame a product made by a different company :man_shrugging:

Well the issues is not just EAC since in EUW we have no DC issues, so it’s certainly not just one thing causing issues.

My theory is that they replaced the LA servers with the old New World servers in order to provide a decent New World “re-launch” experience, at the cost of LA :face_with_monocle:

That’s not how any of this works. If you have no idea what you are talking about then don’t start spreading nonsense.

Add NAW to that list. If it was solely EAC, there would be more complaints coming from NAW as well.

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