Rant - (probably going to get deleted) by Lost ark system

Note: I’ll probably going to get a lot of hates from posting this but… :man_shrugging:

Lost Ark System (LAS)

Target audience? mostly boys.
What do they like? girls, nice shape, less clothes and more skins, lingerie skins? perfect.

LAS: Lets give them something to stress about and they want to get revenge on it (emotional) and when they get it/beat it, they get a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Honing: Literally a casino, except you only have 5-10% chance of winning. And when you 1-2 tap a piece of upgrade, it’s like winning a loterry.
  2. Pvp: “This is stupid… im done with pvp” (Comes back the next day to see if I can do better)
  3. Bosses with wipe mechanics: (“ffff…!! Almost had it, that 1 wipe mechanics got us. We get him next time for sure!”

LAS: Lets implement a way for them to progress but put a limit of how much they can progress on one character. BUT give them ‘options’ to break that limit.

  1. Alts (spends more time) Repetition grinding > Transfer materials to main to progress faster (Breaking the limit)
  2. Spend money to buy those materials instantly!

LAS: How do we make it so players can stay in our world much longer? Hmm… what do casinos like to do? oh right… lighting ambience. Lets keep it ‘lit’, ‘bright’, ‘noisy’, (anything that can keep the senses alert)
LAS: Oh how about we just make it day light 24/7 when they’re at base? Also add musics, NPCs dancings and oh boys, events every hour!.

ok so clearly its not a game for you. Uninstall and move on to the next game of your taste? How is it hard for people to grasp that concept. Oh wow this ice cream flavor suck, I must keep eating it and complaint to the store that they must change this flavor just for me! Meanwhile there are other shops that offer the flavor that you like, yet you refused to leave! Insane!

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:slight_smile: this is a crap post and your response is perfect! :smiley:

I can’t understand why someone plays a game that he/she doesn’t enjoy .

Find another game that you enjoy .

I have to agree here with @Commercelock; I’m not saying you had to do any significant research before diving into Lost Art - but this is very typical of a KMMO.

Everything you state you hate about the game is what gives Lost Ark its identity.

its a system that they implemented and it works. Despite players getting frustrated and angry, they still come back for more :laughing: That’s what makes this game so addicting :joy:


“This game sucks for these specified reasons”
plays the game anyway

edit: double post ._.

Can I use this as my TL:DR? :joy: :joy: