[Rant] Remember when games were supposed to be played for a long time?

I been reading a bunch of posts here and most of them are upset over something.

People talk about a MMORPG and they all complain about how they are not already max gear score within not even a month of playtime.

And here i recall playing a game for years and not been max gear. Aion for example i remember playing for years and i never reached the very end, or bdo which never made it to pen or i am sure many of you playing other games and never reached the max and yet still had fun.

Do you also remember when you could make a choice wether u wanna spend money or not? Wait… that hasnt changed, am sure that free will is there and there is no gun pointed at you to buy stuff from the cash shop and ‘p2w’ your progress.

Not all games are for everyone and thats okay.

I do agree timegating sucks but there is so much to do for ur character to progress, such as islands,towers, side quests, collectibles, cube, guardian raids, abyss dungeons, and now finally pvp ranked which from what i know we will even be able to get pvp gear later, there are maps, mokoko stuff there is SO much to do and personally before that i was playing all day 400 hours since my server didn’t have queues, i never found my self done for the day, i would always have something to do.

Why not just take ur time and enjoy the game as is?

As For the enchanting part yeah its hard, it sucks to fail over and over and over and then be time gated just to fail more and then just to be stopped from gear progression for an entire day and week in some parts. And upon that matter Amazon should bring the updates from the other regions.

But there is still a game there, there is still so much to do, there is still a lot for ur character to get better and stronger, and nobody says pay to get more, the option is there yes but its your choice deciding it. So when we blame p2w in a game don’t forget that the players Choice is the one that streanthenths that behavior or not.

And finally as far as p2w goes i honestly am not seen it, pvp is balanced so ur ilvl doesnt matter, so what exactly do you win? Missing out on content? To reach the end? And then what? What do you do? Isnt every game supposed to have a pacing? To take time to enjoy it?

I really miss when people would just enjoy their time and play the game and not expect to be at the end in a laughable time scale.

But then again am wasting my words, forums will always be full of this kind of people.

So do your self a favor, enjoy the game or if you don’t thats alright too, look for something else, whats the point of Playing something that makes you depressed.

And ofc there is the part of the community who know the potential of the game, for you guys all i gotta say is keep fighting, and hopefully they will listen.



100% agree.

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Yep, but the main difference is those games actually gave you steady progression. This game doesn’t. Having a chance at progressing isn’t good game design.


Dont get me wrong, enchanting and rng is not something i loved, but others game as i remember they still had rng if not in enchanting it was in the drop and then in the roll for the parts that you Contest with others. There is always something to give u a reason to go back.


WTH are you talking about…

Those other games had loot drop percentages for the items you want sub 1%… Everquest, WoW, etc. You could go for months looking for a specific item… then you had to compete against other people looking for that item.

At least here… you are making progress with every fail. You will eventually get there… just longer then others… and some maybe longer then you…


Its not all that different than WoW and going weeks without seeing your item drop

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I remember paying a subscription fee to play MMORPGs and many things in them make progression in modern ones look like easy mode.

Trakanon in EverQuest had a spawn window of 3 days +/- 8 hours. He was a popular dragon who gated raids to the next raid zone with his drops. This was after you collected other part of the item needed which could take weeks. People would scout his area for that 16 hour window to try and get their guild there first. Otherwise you weren’t getting access to the next raid.

Ultima Online was actually designed to be played forever due to it’s economy / ecology. Killing certain creatures for mats would cause other creatures to take over. Further, players could have their gear taken by others. So you sometimes had to replace your entire inventory.

These things probably sound absurd by today’s standards but MMO’s were about other players. That was the fun part. I still talk to some of those players from 20 years ago.


And ofc there is the part of the community who know the potential of the game, for you guys all i gotta say is keep fighting, and hopefully they will listen.

I’d think a vast majority of people belong to this part. Yes, people also became guide snorting speedrunners in the past decade, but there’s no way so many people would be malding if it was just that.

Reality is we were “promised” 1 thing and then got something completely different, and it’s hard to not be disappointed when you know what the game has to offer yet you just don’t have it.

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I don’t care about gear score that much if the game had any actual combat content that isn’t time gated too much.

All the fun stuff is time gated. Worst thing that happened to me this week: I reached 1370 so beeing eligible to queue for hard mode dungeons. But I couldn’t enter because I used up my entry for the normal mode before reaching 1370. So now I have to wait a whole week doing nothing besides Chaos Dungeons and Guardian raids.

World Bosses aren’t daily, Ghost ship is once a week too and there is a lot more…

In other games there was always something you could do to progress.


I totally agree, and i was worried and still am when i found out Amazon would be the one hosting, i do hope hey just give us the game as is and not them make decisions.

What about skill points? Stats you need to progress other collectibles? Getting souls to earn other rewards? I hate time gating but i try to see it as a way to focus on other ways to make my character stronger, i do hope they change, to atleast help friends.

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That’s already a lost cause, they changed a lot of things, and by change I mean made worse. The only uniform between all the things they altered is that they all made the game worse, and I just don’t think they plan to stop sadly.

I just wanna hope that gold river is gonna get involved too, since last time he threw them under the bus when they didn’t do as he told them. And hopefully things will get back on track.

Its crazy how loaded this game became with single player RPG players. They never waited 3 weeks for 2 ilvl.

Yeah we can hope. My ultimate hope is a dev published game when their contract runs out. They didn’t need to involve amazon

I do all of that. But again: You are time gated to no end. Even for collectibles/souls/skillpoints you are time gated by unas tasks.

This kind of tasks is supposed to be a side activity, just like rapport. But in the current state it’s like the main content. Besides that they are a one time thing. If I got them then I have nothing else to do.

It’s just artificially prolonging the games lifetime.

I’m pretty sure if they released most of the other content the game would be great.

That would probably be the best outcome for us.

Welcome to MMOs.

I played my fair share of mmos, thanks.