Rapport bug,new skin,new class is hot topic,infinity materials is not a big deal


+20weapon is so easy



lot of player using the cheat to run 24hr chaos dungeon.
they run it by they’re main character,cause they know amazon will do nothing to them.
you can find them in punika around the chaos dungeon with “HEAVY ARMOR” engravings and +15-+20 weapon.


Do you mean running infinite chaos dungeons or an actual cheat?

the cheat is “auto- running infinite chaos dungeons”

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yep, too easy for f2p

I hope they ban anyone who run infinite chaos dungeon for more than 5 hours, i mean not a single human can do that everyday :'v

Bro the anti cheat SUCKS they should get a better one lol

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What do u mean dude? Now ppl are gonna mald over not being able to farm it by hands for 20hrs straight lmao

Oh my god, how is that guy still sane after that grind :expressionless:

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