Rapport is this games biggest scam

Why is anything and everything ptw in lost ark? You get nowhere with rapport from the little u get from game the whole thing is rigged to push u into the shop buying rapor…would actually be a great side thing to do if the rapport system was just a in-game quest only related thing but no it’s another scam only designed to put you in the cash shop I just tried to finish my first NPC and it’s ridiculous the amount I needed I kept going back in shop exchanging gold to crystal ,almost 1k crystal to finish a higher level to complete it … this game has no value of real money it’s far worse than any gambling site least they have few morals left this game will make you homeless with no care … Actual skank

just buy rapport items from wandering merchants.


Maybe with exception of Punika, which provides Gold and Omnium stars, which albeit are optional but do assist with character development, how is rapport pay-to-win?

All characters can be completed for free. Even Nineveh can be completed in 76 days (iirc) assuming you have high enough virtue points for her quests and optional dialogue.

Rapport only becomes pay-to-win if you let fear of missing out or some other self-assigned time pressure impact your decision to need to spend either gold or crystals to speed it up. Recognize that the free to play model of this game will result in extended waits to complete content and everything will be gravy.


Every time I look at these forums, people come up with more things to complain about lol.


Just because the shop is there doesn’t mean you can’t get it from other places. I don’t know all of them but gonna try to summarize all of the ways I know.

-Wandering merchant, 10k, 300-450 if you use it correctly (idk if its once per day or multiple char)
-Islands (Adventure islands)
-Anguished island (infinite, one key per char a day, 6 chars = 6 coconuts per day!)

Single time:
-Reputation rewards
-Tome rewards big 10k which its a lot.

They are giving on events legendary rapport items.

If you feel “p2w” rapport you can always farm gold and buy blue cristals. There are ways you’re just lazy. There’s a lot of content to do, don’t think you can do it all at once with a poor plan.

I think this is important to realize, it’s an mmo not a single player game. It’s not supposed to rush all the content within one week of playing.


Rapport are dailiesthat take 30-40 days for the highest ones.

There are only few that sre “very important”, like Calvasus and Beatrice for Giant Hearts, and they arent too high. Calvadus is 30k something and beatrice hearts is at trusted 1. You dont need nineveh for the skillpoints.

Nia prob more grindy, but still not as bad as some like Sasha.

Only igneas token takes alot of rapport, and they are very end game anyways

You dont have to pay to get more rapport, you get get the important ones done in 30-45 days. The rest are just for completionist.

Also, you can convert gold to gems to buy rapport items. Rapport items are timegated anyways so you cant drop 10k$ and finish everything overnight, i dont see how its a problem

Tl;dr: rapport is long game “content”, or convert gold to gems if u want to rush. You have choice, and dont have to spend money on it.

Imaging getting mad at intentionally wasting your money.
Does this game block you out of content or is just a time investment as any other mmo but presented different?

My god before you get on the forums and make yourself to look like an idiot understand how the game works. You don’t have to spend anything for rapport, you just buy the items from wandering merchants. Theres literally a discord that shows you when and where they spawn all the time if you don’t want to go out of your way to find where they spawn yourself. These types of posts are why our region gets memed so hard.


Never read more Bs … how is that p2w ? Buy the items from merchants and just … crazy idea … Wait xD they also give u so much free rapport stuff u can max everyone u want and it’s a long term goal

the best rapport is this game comes from in-game vendors that sell epic rapport chests for 10k silver and legendary chests for 80k silver each. You then a decent percentage of that silver back in rewards. Not to mention all the other goodies such as gold, collectibles, engravings, cards, and more. You can max rapport with EVERY NPC in 3-4 months (or less) without spending a single dollar on the game.

these are the same people who are complaining there is nothing to do on the game on other games because they want stuff removed or nerfed. :upside_down_face:

play the game bro

rapport is super easy for f2p players, just follow the wandering merchants.

Like the other user said just go and buy rapport stuff with silver from wandering merchant. Sometime, those merchant even sell legendary item. Or else just spam the heck out of the npc. I did this every day for almost 2 month to get the King Thirain card to complete the card set of light of salvation. The game also give out free rapport gift in the ark pass, but you should take the mat instead since legendary gift can be bought from wandering merchant with silver.

Pheons is the biggest scam IMO. Rapport or any form of reputation grinding is very common in nearly all mmo’s. Having to pay a massive tax on top of a normal percentage auction house cut is almost inexcusable.

Pushing you, Amazon employee goes to your house and holds you at gun point to buy raport,
Can yall stop crying about stuff that “forces/pushes” you, that’s literally all inside your head :clown_face:

Everyone just flag the post, we gotta take our forums back as a community and get these hooligans out of here. Lets just start flagging troll and illogical post to get them insta removed

Rise up with me good gamers, we wont let these zoo animals ruin the game we waited 3 years to get here!

Oh no.

U cant brute force ur way through rapport?

In an mmo?

Let us talk again in 2 years when people maxed rapport on every npc and start to complain that there is a lack of rapportable npc…

Such a scam it takes time.