Rapport item gives wrong points, is it a bug?

Hi, i was trying to give Refugee Pamil her rapport item “fragrant peach”, but instead of 450 rapport points it’s give me 300, is it normal?

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Just wanted to add that I found this post after noticing the same thing.

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Bumpity bump bump. Why you no like my peaches Pamil?

Hello, I’ve reported this issue to the team. It’s certainly not a change I’ve seen mentioned in any patch notes.

Thank you all for the reports!

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Any updates on this? As of 6/23/2022, the rapport you get from the item is still 300 instead of 450

Yes, I have confirmed it as well on 23 June 22. The item says Beatrice and Pamil would love this, and that has meant that you get 450 Rapport. But when I go to Pamil she will only give me 300 Rapport. All my virtue stats are over 350 (wisdom, courage, Kindness, Charisma) if that is part of the issue.

Affecting a variety of rapport items for different NPCs.