Rapport material items

In the rapport section of my storage I have 5 items (tournament entrance stamp, yudia spellbook, shimmering essence, changhun lute string, and piyer’s secret textbook) that I cannot find a use for, either as a gift, or in vitameow exchange, yet wandering salesmen are still selling this stuff. Is there a use for these items in game? If not why are merchants still selling this crap?

You use rapport items for gifting to increase rapport of npc you can rapport.

If you hover mouse on the rapport item it also shows who to give the item to for max effectiveness (gives 450 instead of 300)

If you do not care about rapport then just use it for vitameow

They’re talking about rapport material items xD

Found this link googling “rapport material items”:

Basically you exchange them for regular rapport gifts.

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you can exchange these materials in to useable rapport items by the NPC is the main citys she is called Nada and exists in nearly all big citys.
tournament entrance stamp is in Anikka - Chang Hung.
yudia spellbook is in Castle Luterra.
shimmering essence is in shushire Riggens Village
and so on…



Thank you very much!

P.s. can you not just use texting shorthand in this forum, ie it wouldn’t let just post “tyvm!”

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