Rapport Quest(Ancient Elveria) - getting stuck in loading screen

After using the quest item the screen locks in the Ancient Elveria loading screen. When quitting the game and reloading the character is still trying to load into that zone and is unavailable to play.

I have the same issue, I cant use my main anymore.
Tryed reload several times, and tryed to repair files.

Same here. Stuck on the Ancient Elveria loading screen. Restart didn’t help. Very unpleasant cause now my main Tier3 is out of the game :frowning:

This is still an issue and needs to be fixed asap. Multiple threads on the support forum of players running into this bug.

yup i got stuck on this twice as well. from what I read it was bugged, then got fixed, then a recent patch rebugged it or something. just avoiding for the moment to not get permastuck

have the same issue!!!!!!!