Rapport - Sasha - Cannot Gift/Emote/Sing

I have progressed Sasha a little, I got and completed the quest to arrest the interim Technologist - I talked with Sasha outside the building (not her usual place) to complete the quest.

Interacting with Sasha now gives “You must complete the previous level of the Rapport Quest…” for all options.

I have no Rapport quests in my log. How do I emote, sing, or give gifts to Sasha? How do I make her interactable again?

Hi there @Falx , welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

Would you mind contacting us via a live channel whenever you are available please? We need some personal information from you which is why we cannot handle it on a public forum.

You can reach us using the following link: Contact Us | Amazon Games.

This issue seems to be something really specific which we don’t have “troubleshooting steps” and I do believe requesting an escalation with our developers might be the best option.

I do want to thank you for your understanding and patience.

Feel free to refer my colleagues to this forum post. I hope this helps, feel free to tag me if you need anything else.

Best of lucks and I wish you have an amazing week!


Have you tried clicking on “Receive a Rapprt Quest”? It tells you then if you are still missing some virtues to receive that quests.

Which basically means you have to get those virtues before you can continue building rapport

Click on Recieve a quest on the first image.

I appreciate your help, but I know I cannot accept the quest due to requirements not met. But I am not trying to accept the quest, I am trying to emote, sing, and give her a gift. These shouldn’t be locked out because I cannot accept a quest.