Rapport Suggestion :)

I know this will likely get lost among the other forum spam, but I have two suggestions for rapport.

  1. I’d love to see Thirain have an affection rank in game. All the characters released so far with affection ranks are females, and don’t get me wrong, I think Sasha and Ealyn are great, but as a straight woman, it’d be nice to also have a male character to reach affectionate with. Especially as you can propose to Thirain and Sasha asks you to elope. They’re similar in these regards so I feel like he would be good for an affectionate position.

  2. Roster friend rapport. It would be awesome if a player could set their minimum level of player friendship for communication. I constantly get written letters from the same 2-3 bots to all of my accounts (they’re all named Meeky, Meekyy, Meekyyy, Meekyyyy so on and so forth). So, a person that is neutral with me cannot even private message me or write letters. But a person who reaches trusted through interactions or maybe even little gifts can send gold and trade mats with.
    ^implementing something like this could also be a minor part of warding off rmt. I know most of it goes through the auction house, but I think it could be a cool feature to add.

From KR LOA ON winter, Thirain and Ninevah are the next rapport NPCs to get affection ranks! C:

Its most likely coming for KR’s summer update so who knows for the west, but its confirmed at least! I heard Thar is speculated too, but more info in a few days for LOA summer.

oh hell yeah dude, thank you so much for that information. That makes me SO happy!

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I’ll tack on that i’d live rapport to share the rested experience if other content.

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