Rapport too time-consuming! GIve us some gift

Community do we agree that affinities are too time-consuming?

Here is some fact:

    • BÉATRICE / 57d
    • NÉRIA / 49d
    • SIERA /10d
    • TONNERRE / 30d
    • MORINA / 12d
    • URR / 36d
    • THIRAIN / 61d
    • VIVIANNE / 11d
    • NÉRIA / 48d
    • ELIA NAHUN / 12d
    • NORIN NAHUN / 11d
    • TURNER / 12d
    • CALS / 73d
    • NERIA /41d
    • DAKUDAKU / 10d
    • MOKAMOKA / 36d
    • TOTOMA / 12d
    • SORANG / 12d
    • RYEON /10d
    • YUUL /30d
    • BASTIAN / 44d
    • SASHA / 82d
    • NERIA / 48d
    • ZEIRA / 30d
    • ORNE /10d
  • BERN
    • GIDEON / 34d
    • ANABEL / 28d
    • SELFA / 10d
    • PAILIN / 34d
    • EALYN /80d
    • AVELE / 60d
    • JUDE / 10d
    • JAVERN / 36d
    • DATH / 12d
    • POPPY / 34d
    • AZENA / 57d
    • ORELDA / 12d
    • LENORA / 34d
  • YORN
    • KAYSARR / 63d
    • NERIA / 57d
    • IMAR / 30d
    • JEDERICO / 61d
    • LUTIA / 65d
    • NAVI / 12d
    • LEVI / 28d
    • YOM / 31d
    • HARIYA / 11d
    • JAHARA / 43d
    • NIA / 61d
    • SHANA / 73d
    • NAGI / 43d
    • LIRU / 40d
    • SAPIANO /10d
    • BERVER / 30d
    • ALBION /30d

I think you have understood my point of view.
Assuming that we treat 4 affinity per day it will take us 1916/4 =479day to complete these affinities.

You can say yes but there are gifts available in the game, but clearly not enough. moreover here we are not even talking about affinity of the islands.

And as you are not publishing content for the next month. (What we can understand as you want every player to be able to access the maj). we have nothing more to do (as we are cap for the orizontal content too).

This problem makes the game pay to access content and progression…
Please provide a event that we can farm gift!!!
Replies for more visibility!

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I don’t care much for the time it takes to do rapport but at the same time, this IS a supposed mmo and it IS based off a game that’s been out for what, 3 years. Something that will take not even 1.5 years at a regular (non gift) pace then doesn’t seem so bad when you consider both of those things.

People need to quit looking at it like it is some single player game that is supposed to be complete in a couple months, which is the way many that are speed rushing everything and complaining are viewing it as. No idea why more can’t just relax and chill in the game instead of obsessing over getting X done in 3.2 seconds.


Its a long term horizontal progression, if you keep playing eventually everyone will be done and with all of the rapport gifts you get each month you will eventually not even need them.


Dude wtf? When will you guys with your “Need to finish fast” mentality stop treating this game like a singleplayer game? Lost Ark is supposed to live for years, ideally decade (Well, technically almost a decade now in KR) and you are supposed to have several different things to do while you play the game not just for gear progression.

Please stop being so entitled to think you need to get everything done fast. This is a huge problem why people rush to end game and then complain about a) content being delayed and b) not many players to play with. And those who purchased their way up now act super elitist and require 3x 15 engravings effect for Argos, meanwhile that’s a requirement at most needed for Valtan and even then it’s not a requirement.

Rapports are a long term commitment. If you don’t like it, buy your way there. Otherwise just accept this fact.


Bruh this game is meant to last us years, i’ve never bought Rapport chests and i’m pretty sure welcome challenges, quests and log in rewards have given me somewhere between 50-100 chests


Like I said, I have no problem with Amazon delaying content, so it’s not. but the oritontal content is made for this reason, giving the player who is done with the final game continuing to interact with the game.

The problem here is that horizontal content is blocked by affinity…

i dont went to ruch … i just dont have any thing to do anymore…

ok its clearly visible that you are note interested in this part or you will alredy see the probleme

and BTW 100 chests is nothing…

they are supposed to be time-consuming.

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I think it only feels this way because we’re trying to rush down 3 years worth of content.

I do think however we should have the process sped up so that we’re not still wasting rapport dailies on old NPCs when the new ones drop.

You have any idea how many new NPCs are coming into the game?

Just like vertical progression, this shit should be SPED UP so that we can simulate having already spent 3 years in the game and are fully ready for the NEW content that will continue to drop for the next 10+ years. We should not have to spend 2 years completing 3 year old content. That’s fucking stupid.

I don’t mind with rapport… i enjoyed spending my time flirting with Nagi (waifu) everyday…
Keep it as it is IMO.
What i need help with is extra gold and Greater Honor stone :slight_smile:

Honestly keep rapport as long as possible but honing buff / more mats is what I really need

that my point.

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there is 7 new npc at S-bern

Umm if you don’t have anything to do anymore: This literally means you have rushed and now you want to finish even more. Take your time off, play something else. It’s not a single-player game, it’s an MMO.

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wandering merchants have gifts, buy them with silver and stop making an issue out of a non issue


You have any idea how it doesn’t matter in the slightest to get all rapports done, when they add more so you are never done? You “completionist” want it so easy so you can get it all done faster, but in the end it will never be enough. It’s not meant to complete, it’s meant to have things to do while you do vertical content.

Also wtf about that statement that we should get everything sped up. Stop trying to complete an MMO so fast. There is enough content to sustain us for years, all the while you’re trying to complete it in a month. AGS will eventually speed it up so that we’re along KR, but f me can’t you be less impatient.

i 'm clearly not shiting on the game. i think you dont got me right. Amazon do evry thing they can you let us catchup with koréa. the content 1415 in korea took 2 years to come. i just making the point that this rull should be apply to orizontal content…

I never said you were shitting on the game, but do you realize like 5 or more wandering merchants spawn PER HOUR? They all have 1 gift either epic or legendary. This literally is not an issue. The game has tons of issues and flaws but this one has an actual ingame solution that doesn’t require you to swipe.

It’s ment to be a part of the daily rotation for a long period, like the unas reputation system by doing the daily quests.
IMO Unas is much more time consuming than the daily rappots, just because every quests takes time to complete, if you dont use instant finisher.
Yes you can do multiple quests a day with twinks and by increasing the daily max, but you can also increase the points of multiple rapport npcs by using gifts and by using them correctly. the right gift to the right npc (460pts).

You can also farm the stones to turn them in for gift chests, what you can farm instead of endless chaos dung.

By finishing all rapports instantly/way faster, the whole point of the rapport system is kinda pointless.

Since I had started with rapports the day i started LA, i’ve maxed out quite a lot already, incl. Thirain and Beatrice. I never bought chests in the shop but traded them for tons of providence stones from quests and farming.

Look OP, if you really are complaining about Rapport here it is.

  1. Buy rapport with providence stones.
  2. Buy every wandering merchant’s rapport items.
  3. Grind Alakkir and Anguished Isle to buy rapport items.
  4. Grind gold and buy blue crystals to get rapport from Mari shop.

Now you might complain and fuss over these options but you want a way to get rapport done and here they are. So its either this or be patient and gradually get them done like everyone else (which you will easily with login events etc).

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